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IEPM web services

The IEPM group is now providing access to some of its measurement data via Web Services.

There are 3 components to the SLAC IEPM Web services:

In the following we will demonstrate how to make a request and how to interpret a response.

We have implemented a SOAP server and an XMLRPC server. We will show how to make a request to each one of them.

Access to the measurement is also provided via a WSDL file IEPM.wsdl.

We have two SOAP web-based client that can be used to access (print or plot) measurements:

Note= we still support the previous IEPM schema. Reference to this can be found in here

Requests to the IEPM Web Services

To make a request to the SLAC web services you must follow the schema defined by the Network Measurement Working Group.
The schema can be found at:
NM-WG Request schema

There are 3 input quantities that you have to provide at request time:

Implemented characteristics

The following is the list of available characteristics:

path.bandwidth.achievable.TCP.multiStreamiperf, bbftp, GridFTPIEPM-BW

Request examples

We provide example code for SOAP and XMLRPC Perl clients.
We also provide example code for making a request with a SOAP Python client.

Responses from the IEPM Web Services

The response provided by the SLAC IEPM Web Services follows the schema defined by the Network Measurement Working Group. The latest schema can be found here: NM-WG report schema

Any report will contain the following quantities:

The Perl module Data::Dumper can help in reviewing the structure of the data returned. An example report will look like:

$VAR1 = {
          'networkMeasurementSet' => {
              'networkMeasurement' => {
                 'characteristic' => 'path.bandwidth.achievable.TCP',
                 'methodology' => {
                         'tool' => {
                               'versionString' => '',
                               'name' => 'iperf'
                 'subject' => {
                      'path' => {
                         'destination' => {
                                  'name' => ''
                         'source' => {
                                  'name' => 'SLAC'
                  'results' => {
                     'timeInterval' => {
                         'timestampEnd' => '1086393000',
                        'timestampStart' => '1086377400'
                      'result0001' => {
                           'timeInterval' => {
                                'timestamp' => '1086378987'
                           'achievableBandwidth' => '233.45'
                      'result0002' => {
                           'timeInterval' => {
                                 'timestamp' => '1086384389'
                           'achievableBandwidth' => '236.2'
            'version' => ''

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