Maintaining PingER Data Collection and Analysis at SLAC and Elsewhere

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This page describes how maintain PingER. It is mainly meant for PingER maintainers at SLAC.

PingER data is measured by a program called and the data is written to a file. At SLAC these are in the directory /nfs/oceanus/u2/pinger/wanmon/.

Adding a new node

To add a new node to the monitoring, first add a new entry in the list of nodes. At SLAC this file is /afs/slac/www/comp/net/mon/offsite.nodes Each entry contains both the IP name and address. At some sites DNS often fails and data is lost. If there is no DNS entry for the host then its IP address apears twice. After you add the node proceed to add it to the Guthrie database.


Guthrie is a database of nodes used in PingER monitoring. It is impossible to know for sure the location or details of a machine solely from its name. Manually adding these facts is time consuming but neccessary. cd to /afs/ and type perldoc for details.

Make New Additions Available

To allow the additions made to Guthrie available to the analysis code, write out the changes with the -o option. ./ -o > /nfs/oceanus/u6/analysis/hep/


The raw data is gathered each night from the monitoring sites. All the data from all the sites is also processed each night.

Created August 27, 2003. Last updated November 27, 2003.
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