Installing and Configuring MonaLisa on an IEPM-BW node

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The directions in Service/README are pretty good. The only thing I missed first time around was to change in Where MonaLisa.v098 is the directory created by tar. Check the version number. Where MonaLisa.Location, MonaLisa.Country, MonaLisa.LAT and MonaLisa.LONG are the values for this site. Where path_to_iepm-bw_csvdata_dir is the path to the iepm-bw csvdata directory. Where path_to_j2sdk1.4.2_dir is the path to the j2sdk directory. And ThisName is the name of this site. The new node will appear on the Monalisa client.

Thanks to Iosif for adding the code to MonaLisa to pick up the IEPM-BW measurements.

Created June 26, 2003.
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