Using Kerberized SSH to Access Fermilab

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You can't give a password to access FNAL. The only options are pre-authentication with kerberos5 or use a cryto card. Either way you have first got to obtain a principal. Once you have obtained your kerberos5 credentials, you need to set up the environment. From any SLAC unix machine,
cp ~warrenm/krb5.conf .
setenv KRB5_CONFIG ~/krb5.conf
setenv PATH /afs/$PATH
and pre-authenticate
kinit or kinit user@FNAL.GOV
then you should be able to access fermilab machines, eg
telnet -a
Kerberized SSH is also available. From Antonia, try
We have resolved the issue with taylor removing the /usr/krb5 directory overnight.

To run cron on the Fermilab machines, .k5login warrenm/cron/ kcroninit trscrontab For further details, see the section in the manual on Automated Processes

Created May 23, 2002. Last Updated July 12, 2002.
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