Operational Information for SC2003
Connie Logg

This is a list of instructions for running the SC2003 Demos.

Jiri's new ABwE "Ping"

The directory on SC2003 machines is: /home/iepm/package/abw/linux/abwfred/Bin/i686 To run it:
abw -d pcgiga.cern.ch
abw -d hoss.ece.rice.edu

SC2003 Node Configuration Information

The Standard SC2003 Linux machines are: root/6634431

The standard XP machines are: administrator/c6msm31

SLAC SC2003 machine configuration information is in a spreadsheet

Starting ABwE

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Bringing up the Show

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Local Network Monitoring

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Booting Kernels - by Saad Ansari

This is a crash course on how to run the various kernels on the machine and their status as of 14.43 hrs. Sunday November 9th.

All the kernels are booting properly on the stand-alone machines. I have even tried to boot them from a remote machine and so far there have not been any problems. Of the three machines (antonia, iphicles and alcippe), you will be able to access two machines phyiscally at sc2003, the third one alcippe is probably not going to be at slac and not at sc2003 either. It seems to be booting up just fine on the different kernels it has and hopefully it will not go into an unknown state once the tests are run. In any case any troubleshooting that needs to be done on alcippe, will have to be initiated from slac, please let us know if you encounter any problems with alcippe remotely. For the other two, however here are a few handy commands and pieces of information to know:

I hope I'm not leaving anything out. Please let me know if there are any problems. I will probably checking my email at stanford more regularly than the slac email, my stanford email is: sansari@stanford.edu
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Hadrien's Scripts

Hadriens scripts are located in /home/iepm/hadrien/bin and in the tarball /home/iepm/hadrien/hadrien.tar on Iphicles
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