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There are 3 sets of tools which are collectively part of the PingER suite:
  1. The data monitoring & collection tools, including (replaces since Jun 2005) and
  2. The tool which provides an HTML marked up report of the latest set of pings
  3. The tool that provides a web CGI script to provide reverse traceroutes and pings.
Only the first set is absolutely necessary unless you want to inspect the data collected locally. It is also very valuable if you can run a reverse traceroute server at your site, for more on reverse traceroute servers see Reverse Traceroute Servers.

Accessing Tools

Tools URL to Demo the Tool See Ping End-to-end Reporting (version 2) PingER

You can also access a Web form at that provides access to the various metrics (RTT, loss, jitter, reachability, MOS etc.) available from the measurements gathered by the archive site from all collection sites.

Installing Tools

Tools URL for Installation Information &

Prerequisites for Installing Tools

See Requirements for Pinger Monitoring Sites

Accessing the Data

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Revised 7 February 2012
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