Installing and for PingER2

You must have a UNIX system with Perl 5 and an HTTP server. It is assumed that prior to installing and you have already installed the PingER2 measurement code (this is the preferred PingER measurement tool installation since July 2005).

Install is a script that allows the collecting site to get the data from your site. does not have to be installed on the same machine as (the script that makes the ping probe measurements), but the data file and the config files generated by must be visible on the machine running, possibly via NFS or AFS.

Install a Traceroute Server

While not strictly required for network monitoring, we are requesting that all collecting sites install a traceroute server.

Example of installing and


Install a data file trimmer

To prevent the PingER data files from growing indefinitely, there is a cronjob ( to run on the 28th of each month to trim the data files (in /usr/local/share/pinger/ping-yyyy-mm.txt) to remove all but the last 2 months of data. This prevents the datafiles from growing indefinitely. This script can be downloaded.

Register Your Use

Please send email to pingER Mailing List when you have completed the installation. An analysis site will be set up to collect your data and provide graphical analysis.


Have a look at the FAQ at PingER2 FAQ. Please send any questions to pingER Mailing List.
Last updated: January 26, 2008.