PingER Country Metrics

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The results of the following metrics are available:

1.      average_rtt
2.      out_of_order_packets
3.      conditional_loss_probability
4.      packet_loss
5.      duplicate_packets
6.      throughput
7.      ipdv
8.      unpredictability
9.      iqr
10.  unreachability
11.  minimum_packet_loss
12.  zero_packet_loss_frequency
13.  minimum_rtt
Click here for detail description about the above mentioned parameters. Select one metrics from the drop down menu.
From & To

To select a country or a region to get measurement results. For example: From WORLD, To ESNET-LABS, this will return measurement results from WORLD to ESNET-LABS.

Start Month & Start Year

Select a start month and year from which you wish to get results.

End Month & End Year

Select a end month and year till which you wish to get results.

Important Note : The start month & year should be older than the end month & year e.g. Start Month Jan - Start year 2005 and End Month Jun and End Year 2005.

Expected Results

This webpage will gather measurement values, according to the selected metrics, from and to sites and start and end dates, and group them according to the country top level domain. The results will be country top level domain, country name,  minimum, maximum and average of the selected metrics, and  total nodes nodes monitored in that country.

For Example:

The following is the results of average RTT from EDU.SLAC.STANFORD.N3 to WORLD, given start date Jan2005 and end date as Jun2005.

CSV format table of Minimum Median and Maximum average_rtt from EDU.SLAC.STANFORD.N3 to WORLD (Jan2005 to Jun2005)

PG,Papua New Guinea,5848951,538.174,626.411,772.243,2

Code Location

.pl file: /afs/

country code file : /afs/

html page : /afs/


The form is hard coded in so the Metric, From, To, Year can get out of date. The metric and year both do not change much and are only referenced once (metric) or twice (year) in the form and so can be easily updated. Keeping up with new From and To is more problematical. Today one has to edit the html page (see above).