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PingER (Ping end-to-end reporting)

PingER (Ping End-to-end Reporting) is the name given to the Internet End-to-end Performance Measurement (IEPM) project to monitor end-to-end performance of Internet links. It is led by SLAC and development includes NUST/SEECS (formerly NIIT), FNAL, GATech and ICTP/Trieste. Originally in 1995 it was for the High Energy Physics community, however, this century it has been more focused on measuring the Digital Divide from an Internet Performance viewpoint. The project now involves measurement to over 700 sites in over 160 countries, and we are actively seeking new sites to monitor and monitoring sites for this project, as well as people interested in our data.

Instructions on how to participate can be found here.

Table of participants

Legend: The nodes tagged with a B are Beacon nodes.

Participant Location Contact Person Data Server Traceroute Server Graphs Reports
Daffodil International University, B Bangladesh, South Asia M Wahid
University of Sao Paulo, B Brazil, Latin America security@unesp.br; carlos.coletti@unesp.br; Alberto Souza [alberto@unesp.br]
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Latin America Vinicius Ferrao [viniciusferrao@cc.if.ufrj.br], d.carvalho@ieee.org
Sao Paulo Regional Analysis Center Brazil, Latin America Rogerio L. Iope [rogerio.iope@cern.ch], Marco Dias [mafd@mail.cern.ch]
Carleton University Canada, North America Wade Hong [xiong@physics.carleton.ca]
TRIUMF Facility, B Canada, North America Andrew Daviel [advax@triumf.ca]
School of Computer Science and Educational Software, Guangzhou University China, East Asia Saqib Ali , Prof. Guojun Wang, csgjwang@gzhu.edu.cn; csgjwang@gmail.com
Beijing Institute of High Energy Physics China, East Asia Chen Hesheng [chenhs@mail.ihep.ac.cn], Fazhi Qi [qfz@ihep.ac.cn], xurs@ihep.ac.cn now
Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, B Germany, Europe thorsten.witt@desy.de; martin.flemming@desy.de
Amity University, B India, South Asia A. Sai Sabitha
SESAME - Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East, B Jordan, Middle East Mostafa Zoubi [mostafa.zoubi@sesame.org.jo], salman.matalgah@sesame.org.jo
University Utara Malaysia Malaysia, S.E. Asia Adib M. Monzer Habbal
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (MYREN) Malaysia, S.E. Asia Fizi Jalil
Universiti Sains Malaysia (MYREN) Malaysia, S.E. Asia Fizi Jalil
Malaysian Research and Education Network Malaysia, S.E. Asia Muhamad Hafizi Jalil , Johari Abdullahhttp://www.myren.net.my/
University of Malaya, B Malaysia, S.E. Asia Nor Badrul Anuar
University Malaysia, Sarawak, B Malaysia, S.E. Asia Mohamad Imran Bandan
Universiti Malaya (MYREN) Malaysia, S.E. Asia Fizi Jalil
KUST, Kohat Pakistan, South Asia Faran Majeed [m.faran.majeed@gmail.com], Network Admin at KUST, Phone: 0922-554434
Virtual University Pakistan, South Asia Khizar Hayat, Network Manager Computer Science Department (nm@vu.edu.pk) , +923324211183
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, NUST Pakistan, South Asia Imran Ashraf [imran.ashraf@seecs.edu.pk], ASA at SEECS, Phone: 0333-5382865
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, NUST Pakistan, South Asia Imran Ashraf [imran.ashraf@seecs.edu.pk], ASA at SEECS, Phone: 0333-5382865
ISRA Hyderabad Pakistan, South Asia Shahid Junejo [sjunejo@isra.edu.pk] NetOp Manager, Ph. +92 022-2030182, +92 0336-3068923
University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar Pakistan, South Asia Mr. Tahir Shabbir (tahirshabbir@nwfpuet.edu.pk - 03004293955)
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, NUST, B Pakistan, South Asia Imran Ashraf [imran.ashraf@seecs.edu.pk], ASA at SEECS, Phone: 0333-5382865
National Centre for Physics, Quaid-e-Azam Uiversity Pakistan, South Asia Tanzeel Murtaza [tanzeel.murtaza@ncp.edu.pk], Phone: 051-2077300
NUST-CAE PAF Academy Risalpur . Pakistan, South Asia Ihsan Ullah System Administrator ( ihsanpak@yahoo.com) , 0923631500, +923339414436
COMSATS Sahiwal Pakistan, South Asia Kashif Sattar
Institute for Nuclear Physics, B Russia, Russia Serge D. Belov [belov@inp.nsk.su], Sergei V. Dubrov
Tertiary Education Network, B South Africa, Africa Len Lotz [lenlotz@worldonline.co.za], noc@tenet.ac.za
CERN Switzerland, Europe Edoardo Martelli [edoardo.martelli@cern.ch]
National Center for High Performance Computing Taiwan, East Asia yangcn@nchc.narl.org.tw
Rajamangal University of Technology Srivijaya Thailand, S.E. Asia Chaisit Choosong
Faculty of Computer Science, Ubon Ratchathani, Rajabhat University Thailand, S.E. Asia Dr. Charnsak Srisawatsakul
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, B United States, North America Les Cottrell [cottrell@slac.stanford.edu]
Florida International University United States, North America fereiraa@fiu.edu,jgrac002@fiu.edu, je_ibarra@mac.com, heidi@fiu.edu
US Department of Energy HQ United States, North America Mike Weaver [mike.weaver@science.doe.gov]
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, B United States, North America Les Cottrell
ESnet NOC United States, North America Chin Guok [chin@es.net]
Stanford University United States, North America Johan van Reijendam[jvanreij@stanford.edu]
FermiLab United States, North America Darryl K Wohlt

Number of Monitoring Hosts = 41