Documentation of Scripts authored at SLAC by Mit Shah

Author : Mit Shah


Ping v/s Sting analysis on a number of nodes

PerlScript Files can be found at : /afs/slac/package/pinger/ping_sting

Quick Summary :


Step 1 :

'' is supposed to be run on hector. It will create the data files "" and "" in the same directory. It needs to read the list of nodes from a file called "nodes" in the same directory on hector where it is run. ( In order to get all the nodes, this file can generated by the program called "" - else the nodes can be selected from an Excel worksheet)

Step 2 :

FTP the files - pingresults & stingresults - to some directory in Oceanus.

Step 3 :

Since the Sting program generates an output based on IP addresses, we need to correlate ip addresses and urls. This is done by the program called which reads pingresults and generates node_IP_Names.  Make sure that the path for pingresults is set correctly.

Step 4 : reads pingresults and produces a file called 'parsed_pingresults'.  Make sure that the path for pingresults is set correctly in the file.

Step 5 : reads stingresults and produces parsed_stingresults. This also uses node_IP_Names to translate the ip addresses to URLs. Make sure that the path for stingresults is set correctly in the file.

Step 6: reads the parsed_pingresults and parsed_stingresults files and creates a parsed_stingresults_ordered file.

Step 7 :

Move over the parsed_stingresults_ordered file to Excel and perform data analysis there.


Ping vs Synack Scripts :

PerlScript Files can be found at : /afs/slac/package/pinger/ping_synack

Quick Summary :

Explanation : does the parsing with one command while the other way is to use & Both approaches are valid and one can use either. Just make sure that all paths to files are correctly configured.


Frequency Analysis of Pings :

PerlScript Files can be found at : /afs/slac/package/pinger/freqAna

For Text files use while for crunching through gzipped target files, use the or depending on whether 100 byte or 1000 byte pings are to analyzed.

$candidatefile must be set to point to the file containing the names of nodes to be analyzed. If all nodes, then run, else substitute any file containing the nodeNames there.

The target and result files must be set as desired. The result file will contain the number of lost packets and the corresponding packet number.

In addition, will list out a day-wise analysis of the frequency of packet drops. It is primarily intended to help with any debugging.


Excel Files :

PerlScript Files can be found at : /afs/slac/package/pinger/Excel

The results of both 100 byte as well as 1000 byte Pings for the month of sep & dec can be found in :

Histograms of analysis of 100 byte and 1000 byte pings are located at :

LogPlot of 100 byte vs 1000 byte ping histogram (freq scale is logarithmic) can be found at :

The results of Ping vs Sting analysis are at :

Icon  Name                                           Last modified      Size  Description
[DIR] Parent Directory - [IMG] 100-vs-1000-asym.gif 08-Jun-2000 09:21 9.5K [IMG] 100-vs-1000-loss-all.gif 04-Jun-2000 22:20 6.4K [IMG] 100-vs-1000-loss-lim.gif 04-Jun-2000 22:23 6.0K [TXT] README 31-May-2000 13:20 1.3K [TXT] README.html 02-Jun-2000 22:36 5.8K [IMG] argentina-packetdrop.gif 12-Jan-2000 18:34 3.0K [IMG] asymmetry-bar.jpg 05-May-2000 13:05 45K [IMG] asymmetry.gif 01-May-2000 17:36 8.5K [TXT] comparison.html 13-May-2002 08:22 61K [TXT] comparison2.html 13-May-2002 08:20 35K [IMG] dl-hist-ping-ping.gif 24-Dec-1999 16:16 4.3K [IMG] dl-hist-syn-syn.gif 24-Dec-1999 16:16 3.8K [IMG] dl-hist.gif 24-Dec-1999 16:16 8.0K [IMG] dl-r2.gif 24-Dec-1999 16:16 4.9K [IMG] dl-scatter-ping-ping.gif 24-Dec-1999 16:16 2.3K [IMG] dl-scatter-syn-syn.gif 24-Dec-1999 16:16 3.2K [IMG] dl-scatter.dl 23-Dec-1999 10:00 4.1K [IMG] dl-scatter.gif 24-Dec-1999 16:16 4.1K [IMG] dl-time-syn-syn.gif 24-Dec-1999 16:16 4.4K [IMG] dl-time.gif 05-Jan-2000 13:43 13K [IMG] emblem.gif 24-Dec-1999 16:15 7.0K [TXT] exec-summary.html 13-May-2002 08:21 3.7K [IMG] histogram-aug-99.gif 12-Jan-2000 18:34 2.1K [IMG] histogram-nynap-rtt.gif 12-Jan-2000 17:44 2.2K [IMG] histogram-teleglobe-rtt.gif 12-Jan-2000 17:44 2.6K [IMG] histogram_dec99_largevssmallpings.gif 01-Jun-2000 19:59 3.9K [IMG] histogram_dec99_largevssmallpings_allsites.gif 01-Jun-2000 20:16 4.6K [IMG] histogram_new.gif 01-May-2000 17:55 8.2K [IMG] histogram_sep99_largevssmallpings.gif 01-Jun-2000 19:54 3.4K [IMG] histogram_sep99_largevssmallpings_allsites.gif 01-Jun-2000 19:54 3.6K [TXT] limiting.html 13-May-2002 08:20 22K [IMG] logplots_sep99.gif 01-Jun-2000 19:54 8.5K [TXT] pingsting-results-blockers-port7.txt 01-Jun-2000 19:07 340 [TXT] pingsting-results-blockers.txt 26-May-2000 14:59 1.0K [IMG] pingsting-results-may22.gif 01-Jun-2000 18:09 6.7K [TXT] pingsting-results-may22.txt 01-Jun-2000 16:52 2.0K [IMG] pingsting-results-verylarge.gif 01-Jun-2000 18:08 8.4K [TXT] pingsting-results-verylarge.txt 01-Jun-2000 17:00 2.4K [IMG] slacbutton.gif 24-Dec-1999 16:15 1.4K [IMG] slope-vs-asymmetry.jpg 05-May-2000 13:05 45K [TXT] summary 02-Jun-2000 22:57 2.6K [IMG] synack-asym.gif 16-Jun-2000 16:35 11K [IMG] synack-diff-loss.gif 16-Jun-2000 18:35 11K [IMG] synack-vs-all.gif 17-Jun-2000 18:55 8.8K