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The IEPM's main role is to monitor end-to-end Internet performance for Accelerator labs and the Universities that collaborate with them.

Pinger Network Monitoring

The PingER Project
PingER Network Monitoring

SLAC's Network connectivity
Offsite Connectivity from SLAC latest results table
Response and packet loss latest graphs
PingER summary report for most recent month
PingER detail report for ESnet seen from SLAC


Network Monitoring Research

Effect of Load on RTT and Loss.
ICMP Rate Limiting
Monitoring for the Test VoIP Network
QoS tests
Monitoring for the IPv6 Research and Education Network

Passive Monitoring

SLAC Network Routing

Network Monitoring for Specific Projects

Monitoring for the BaBar Collaboration
Monitoring for the Fusion CIT Group
Monitoring for the Particle Physics Data Grid (PPDG) project
Monitoring for the RHIC project
Monitoring for the D0 Collaboration
Monitoring for the Collider Detector (CDF)
eJDS/PingER monitoring to quantify the digital divide

Report on Performance on the vBNS
Report on Anomilies at CERN and PingER and Netperf Comparison.

The NIMI Monitoring Project
The RIPE Test Traffic Project
The Surveyor Monitoring Project
The NLANR Active Measurement Program

Internet NREN performance from U.S. to world at the turn of Century.

Throughput monitoring from NASA/GSFC

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