Introduction to Network Monitoring for the CDF Project at Fermilab.

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Network Monitoring for the CDF Project

FNAL has two 0C3's, one to ESnet Chicago PoP for general internet traffic, and the other to the Chicago NAP as part of their MREN participation.

The MREN link supports connections to other MREN members (principally Big 10 universities), and, at least for the moment, supports a direct connection to the vBNS. Therefore, all of FNAL's vBNS traffic currently goes over their MREN 0C3, instead of their ESnet 0C3. Since there isn't a direst peering relationship between FNAL and Abilene, all of their Abilene traffic goes via ESnet.

Plans are underway to establish peering relationships with CERN and KEK at the Chicago NAP (StarTap), so their CERN and KEK traffic will ultimately end up on the MREN links.

For more details on networking at Fermilab, visit the Fermilab Data Communications and Networking Home Page.

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Revised 2 August 1999
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