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Project Summary

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The Summary Table summarizes the results.

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Further Information

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Many people contributed to the above information. In particular we thank: Gilles Farrache of IN2P3, Lyon France for getting us an account there, Loric Totay of IN2P3 for information on how to discover the hardware configuration of a Solaris host and Jerome Bernier [] for getting us access to a special test machine at IN2P3; Dantong Yu of BNL for getting us logon access to a machine at BNL and useful information on the network configuration and security at BNL; Brian Tierney of LBL for useful discussions on achieving high throughput; Robin Tasker and Paul Kummer at DL for assistance in getting an account at DL; Olivier Martin of CERN for setting up the account and for many interesting comments.

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Sample Bulk Throughput Measurements

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