Global Lambda for Particle Physics Analysis: SLAC setup

SC|05 Demonstration

SLAC/Manchester setup

For the Bandwidth Challenge we plan to have the following equipment: The 10GE NICs will be loaned from Chelsio and Neterion. We will have two 10Gbits/s links to SLAC from Sunnyvale from the UltraSCienceNet and UltraLight waves to get to Seattle. The overall set of SC2005 links is shown here.

The UK (= UKLight+ESLEA+Manchester+UCL+ULCC) link is 8 * 1GE links between disk servers in UK and on the floor. These would be PCs from Boston Ltd. The circuits are level2 all the way out of UK systems and into Starlight where they are presented as 1 GE. Within their first deadline we asked NLR for onward 10GE link to the floor and after some exchanges we expect to hear details in Aug. We think we would need a VLAN in the force10 switch in Starlight to do this. The idea was to use level2 end to end, the floor end being on the FERMI/SLAC stand. The London - Starlight UKLight link will also support HPC and E-VLBI, so the BWC would go down to 6 GBit, however yesterday Eric-Jan Bos of NIKHEF suggested we could use 2 Gbit via Amsterdam as we did last year - so lets work with 8 Gbit for now.


The bandwidth challenge racks at the SLAC booth are Sun StorEdge racks. Each rack has two NEMA l6-30P plugs. Each plug feeds 9 110V outlets. See the rack specifications manual for more details on the racks, and the layout of the two SLAC racks for where things are planned to be located and power requirements. Also see the spreadsheet for power details, and the Power Management file for how to access the remote power management. The screw spacing for the rails is shown in the photo. Possisble non-sliding horizontal mounts are shown here. Strapping to pallets for shipping shown here.

Manchester shipping list

Created June 14, 2005: Les Cottrell, SLAC