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Proposals for Network Content at SC2003

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Created 5/26/03, last update 5/27/03, Les Cottrell & Connie Logg


This web page is to describe some proposals for network, and Grid monitoring content for the SLAC-FNAL booth at SC2003 in November 2003.

Digital Divide

A large community of scientists from developing countries cannot or can only partially participate or benefit from science due to lack of adequate network performance. For example for large international collaborations such as those in HENP have typically 10% of the collaborating sites in developing countries.

We are quantifying the extent and magnitude of the Digital Divide by measuring the gap in Internet performance for developed countries and developing countries.

The monitor will show a map of the world with ping round trip times (click here for real live demo) to sites in various regions of the world on both sides of the Digital Divide to illustrate the performance in real-time as seen from SC03. We will also show long-term graphs going back 8 years that illustrate many developing regions have factors of 10-50 times worse performance than developed regions. Some regions such as Latin America & S.E. Europe are catching up to the exponential growth of the developed nations, others such as China, Russia and the Indian sub-continent are 5 or more years behind but keeping up, and others such as Africa are 10 years behind and falling further behind. This is a challenge to Non Government Organizations/Agencies working on, or financing projects to bridge the Digital Divide. We will have handouts on an academic paper on the work in progress and on the PingER measurement project.
Non-interactive. Needs a screen. On fabric.

High Performance Networking

Internet2 Land speed record (LSR), various screens or windows on a single screen. To include TechTV/Screen Savers interview on LSR (may need sound or headset, we will look at subtitles/close captions) with cuts to show components (Intel & Cisco 10GE cards, GSR router, compute servers, disk servers, and Internet 2 and CENIC awards ...)
Central kiosk. Could use several screens. We also have 3 awards which could be part of the artifacts ( one from CENIC and two from Internet2) that we could exhibit

Available Bandwidth Estimation (ABwE) showing maps with real-time time series of bandwidth to various high-performance (10-622Mbits/s) sites in N. America, Europe and Eastern Asia.
Can be unattended, does not need interaction.

High performance network and application end-to-end performance monitoring based on IEPM-BW. We hope to be able to demonstrate the performance of various file transfer mechanisms such as bbftp, bbcp, and GridFTP.


MonaLisa (examples) tie in with other sites and booths (FNAL, CalTech, UCSD, UFL, CERN, NUST, UPB) for Grid monitoring of clusters and networking and visualization. SLAC Monitoring Visualization, interactive clinet with world map, and drill down to sites, metrics and real-time graphs of cluster and network performance.
Probably needs interaction, so one screen on central kiosk.