SC2002 Installation Procedure



This is the proposed SC2002 system installation and checkout procedure.  This is relevant after the hardware is connected.


1.     Make a list of the IP addresses to be assigned, and the mac address(es) for each linux node and XP node for Les’ node information table.

2.     Create a hosts file, ala /etc/hosts for our laptops and the XPs we will be using. This will facilitate simplicity of access between all the nodes (I hope).

3.     Install hebe first.

·        Power it up and get to the command line with a [ctrl alt backspace]

·        ‘neat’ brings up the GUI to set the IP address – set it

·        Xconfigurator’[ bring up the GUI to set the display – select 8 bit 1152x864

·        Modify ‘/etc/hosts’ to set up all the IP addresses for the other nodes

·        Reboot

·        Log on to hebe as root and start (if necessary) ntp

·        Look to see if httpd is running. If not start it. ‘/etc/rc.d/rc3.d/S15httpd start’

·        ‘Mount [hebe ipaddress]:/ /nfs/hebe

·        Start nfs ‘/etc/init.d/nfs start’

·        Check and see if you can get to hebe from ssh on a laptop. Connect via the IP unless you have the hosts file defined in you laptop.


4.     Now bring up the other nodes using the same procedure as for hebe.

5.     While a flat panel is attached to each node during the configuration process, test Jiri’s bandwidth estimation application.

6.     Test that all nodes can ping each other

7.     Now check that all the linux nodes can reach and talk to our list of target nodes as defined in the alias file.  To do this:

8.     Log onto the node as iepm

·        cd $bandsrc

·        getbwversions’ – and make a list of failures. We will need this list to get the access problems fixed.

·        When done with getbwversions and all access problems are fixed, run ‘run-bw-tests’ watching for any failures there.

9.     Set up the bandwidth tests to run from iphicles. See how long it takes and adjust the crontab file ‘/home/iepm/crontab.sc2002’ so that the tests run continually. Load it with crontab crontab.sc2002.

10. Fix up the index.html file for each system (much the same, but add the node name to the page) and update the links as needed.

11. Check out the switch monitoring on each system. Fix the problem with only hebe appearing as a connected node. Modify the ‘/home/iepm/netmon/config’ file to set up the indexes for snmp to match the configuration at sc2002.

12. XP configuration

·        Check that they have their dhcp addresses, and make a note of their mac addresses and dhcp addresses.

·        Load the hosts file

13. Log into the XP’s and check them out by bringing up the web page from ‘hebe/iepm’.

14. Run through all the demo options.



With a  little bit of luck, we should be up and running!