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SLAC to JLab

SLAC to JLab bulk thruput The measurements were made between and located at the Jefferson Laboratory Norfolk Virginia. Hpcdev01 was a Pentium 4 1496MHz cou running Linux 2.4.2-2. It has a 100Mbps Ethernet connection to the JLab network and JLab had a 155Mbps connetion to ESnet and the Internet. The pipechar from SLAC to JLab indicates that the route is via ESnet to Sunnyvale where it Measurements made on October 3 '01, from pharlap to hpcdev01 are shown to the right. They indicate that the throughput maxima are around 58Mbps (the top 10% throughputs measured are above 58Mbps). We were unable to measure the ping RTT from SLAC to hpcdev01 or We assumed this was due to security measures that had blocked ping. So we measured it from SLAC to another host at JLab where we knew ping would respond. The unloaded RTT from SLAC to was min/avg/max 113/113/119 msec. This corresponds to a window size of about 1.4MBytes for a bottleneck of 100Mbits/s.

Summary of Bulk Throughput Measurements

Created September 27, 2001, last update September 27, 2001.
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