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SLAC to INFN (Rome Italy)

Below is shown the thruput from SLAC ( to (a Sun Solaris machine) measured on September 8, 2000. Following this is the thruput seen on October 26, 2000. See the pchar information measured on October 26, 2000, for more details on the route. The third plot shows the thruput from INFN/Roma to SLAC measured on Oct 25, 2000. The fourth plot shows the iperf throughput measured on July 17, 2001.
SLAC to INFN bulk thruput SLAC to INFN bulk thruput SLAC to INFN bulk thruput

Sample Bulk Throughput Measurements

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Summary of Bulk Throughput Measurements

Created August 25, 2000, last update August 29, 2001.
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