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SLAC to Colorado

The first plot below shows the thruput from SLAC to Colorado when routing the data via ESnet. The second shows the result when the data is routed via Stanford and CalREN2 (Internet 2). It is seen that the different paths made little difference. See the path characterization for more details on the route.
SLAC to Colorado bulk thruput SLac to Colorado thuput via Interne2
The plot below shows the thruput from Colorado to SLAC. The Colorado client ( was running Linux and had a maximum window size of 128kBytes, and also doubled the window sizes requested. As a result the window sizes measured are: 16kBytes, 32kBytes, 64kBytes, 110kBytes and 128kBytes.
Colorado to SLAC thruput

Sample Bulk Throughput Measurements

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Summary of Bulk Throughput Measurements

Created August 25, 2000, last update August 29, 2001.
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