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BNL only allows iperf clients, attempts to reach iperf servers at BNL are blocked at their firewall. Further this site generally blocks ping and traceroutes. Another anomaly for this site is that their Cisco PIX firewall resets the window scaling option, so the maximum window size is 64 KBytes. The traceroute from BNL to SLAC shows the route is via ESnet. We measured the bottleneck bandwidth to BNL from SLAC with pipechar. Since ping was blocked at BNL we measured the RTT from SLAC to BNL using synack to be min/avg/max = 71.789/73.355/178.874 (stdev=10.661)ms and losses of < 1%. We measured iperf throughput from rmine601 at BNL (a Sun with a Gbit Ethernet interface running Solaris 5.8) to pharlap at SLAC for window sizes of 8, 16 32 and 64 kBytes and streams from 1 to 40. The results are shown below for July 19, 2001. The maximum iperf measured throughput is between 50 and 60 Mbits/s, and this is achieved for window * streams product of >= 256 KBytes.





Sample Bulk Throughput Measurements

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Summary of Bulk Throughput Measurements

Created August 25, 2000, last update August 29, 2001.
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