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  • Internet 2 HENP Networking Working Group helps ensure that the required national and international network infrastructures, monitoring tools and facilities, and collaborative systems, are developed and deployed in a timely fashion to meet the needs of the U.S. LHC Program, as well as the HENP community.
  • ICFA SCIC ICFA Standing Committee on International Connectivity
  • INCITE Edge-Based Traffic Processing and Service Inference for High-Performance Networks
  • DOE MICS DOE Mathematical, Information and Computational Sciences division
  • ESnet NMTF ESnet Network Monitoring Task Force
  • Internet Measurement Infrastructure
  • XIWT The Cross-Industry Working Team
  • NLANR National Laboratory for Applied Network Research
  • TCP performance Gigabit Ethernet a project that UNINETT is running where they are testing the performance of the TCP stack in Linux, NetBSD and Windows2000 when using Gigabit Ethernet.

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