PingER Time series and data frequency plots from

You can plot the PingER time series or frequency histograms of the average ping round trip time of the monitored sites.
Select the target hosts, the period of time you are interested in, the type of distribution and then press the button OK

It is recommended to avoid time intervals greater than 365 days (it takes too long and will time out): use the tool instead to get the data.

Select the hosts from the PingER Data from the monitor host to:
Total number of remote sites=931
Select dates to view data from, and how to plot the data from the choices below:
FROM Day: Month:  Year: TO Day: Month:  Year:
Time series Frequency distributions
The choices below only apply to the Frequency Distributions
Min/avg/max data only Full set of all pings Do not print table of CSV data Print table of CSV data
Created by /afs/slac/g/www/cgi-wrap-bin/net/offsite_mon/ using remote host list from /afs/slac/www/comp/net/mon/offsite.nodes