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This report created: Wed Mar 21 07:46:48 2018.
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This report can also be provided in tab-separated-value (.tsv) format for use with Excel. There is help. The format of the ping input rawdata is described here. The entire raw data for today so far can be viewed though it takes a long time.

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-     <=100  byte  pkts  -    -    -    -    1000  byte  pkts  -    -    kB/s   
Node  Date   Time  Loss  min  avg  med  max  Loss  min   avg   med  max  slope  
Node  Date   Time  Loss  min  avg  med  max  Loss  min   avg   med  max  slope  

More Information

Each 30 minutes the Collection Site server pings a set of Remote Site hosts with 11 pings of 100 bytes each, followed by ten pings of 1000 bytes. The minimum separation between pings is 1 second and the timeout is 20 secs. The first ping is thrown away (it is presumed to be slow since it is priming the name caches etc.). The minimum / average / maximum and packet loss for each set of 10 pings is recorded. This table shows the results of the most recent set of measurements for each Remote Site. For more technical details see: Tutorial on Internet Monitoring and PingER at SLAC,

There are also tables that provide longer term (going back multiple years) reports of the round trip times, losses, jitter (ipdv), reachability etc. measured worldwide.

This report is generated by /afs/slac/g/www/cgi-wrap-bin/net/offsite_mon/, version 1.3, 6/16/2011, Les Cottrell & Sadia Rehman.
The input data is in directory /nfs/slac/g/net/pinger/pinger2/data.

Les Cottrell and Jerrod Williams.
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Data came from: /nfs/slac/g/net/pinger/pinger2/data.
Connectivity configuration file came from /afs/slac/www/comp/net/mon/tool/connectivity/
Pinger configuration file came from /afs/slac/package/pinger/