Content-type: text/html Ping_data Format

Ping_data Format

Raw Data Format:
Monitor_Host_Name       Monitor_Addr   Remote__Name  Remote_Addr   Bytes Time      Xmt Rcv Min Avg Max
minos.slac.stanford.ed    100   870393602 10  10  6   18  125 100   870393602 10  10  74  93  125

Where the columns are separated by a single space.
The Bytes can be 100 or 1000 (sometimes it will be less than 100, in which case treat as 100), it is 
the number of bytes in each ping packet.
Time is the Unix Epochal time.
Xmt is the number of ping packets sent.
Rcv is the number of ping packets received.
Min is the minimum response time for the packets sent (in milliseconds).
Avg is the average response time for the packets sent.
Max is the maximum response time for the packets sent.

There should always be > 7 tokens in the line.  If no response to the 
pings were received then there will only be 8 tokens in the line 
and Rcv (the 8th token) will be 0. 

Early versions of the data collection program lost the Remote_Addr 
when the remote site was not reachable.  In this case the data only 
contains 6 tokens.  It should either be ignored or treated as 
remote site unreachable.