Status Report for SLAC/DOE IEPM Project

For September 2003

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Work completed or in progress since the last report.

Work Related to Analysis and Development


With help from DESY added Tajikistan, Turkmensitan, and Khirgizstan to the PingER countries. Added new hosts in Cuba and Namibia. Working with contacts in Phillippines and Albania. Also replaced several hosts/sites that no longer responded in S. E. Europe, the Caucasus and S. America. Cleaned up and added new groups and regions. Jerrod setup the new monitoring node at Cern Began running in parallel on 'oceanus' and 'pinger' in preparations to move pinger monitioring to 'pinger'. Prepared a paper on PingER Methodology for the Second Open Round Table on Developing Counties Access to Scientific Knowledge: Quantifying the Digital Divide meeting in Trieste, Italy.

Met with PlanetLabs to look at collaborating on measurements.

TCP Testing

Aleksander Kuzmanovic from Rice university visited SLAC for 3 weeks to install and work with Hadrien on testing HSTCP-LP a mix of TCP-L with HS-TCP, that gives low priority to TCP while using all available bitrate.

We thrashed out some legal issues with installing/testing Westwood+.

Contacted LBL, UIUC, CERN, Caltech & APAN to see if we could get second hosts to generate cross-traffic.


We worked with Sun to look into demonstrating a Sun file server at the SC2003 bandwidth challenge. Given that they do not support 10GE interfaces we decided against the demo.

Further work with Level(3), CENIC, Stanford and Cisco, in particular to extend the 10 GE link from PAIX to SLAC. Created a schematic of possible solutions.

Ordered and received 2 Dell 2650s for SC2003 plus 2 Intel 10GE cards. One of the Dells had problems which required a replacement.

Met with NetPhysics to discuss a demo for SC2003.

Work related to Publicity and Information

Reviews, publications, presentations

For the Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics eJDS second Open Round Table on Developing Countries Access to Scientific Knowledge: Quantifying the Digital Divide: Les, Connie and Jerrod wrote a paper on "PingER History and Methodology", Les and Warren wrote one on "Measuring the Digital Divide with PingER", and Les and Enrique Canessa (of ICTP) wrote one on "Internet Performance to Africa".

Les prepared and made a presentation at the RIPE 46 meeting in Amsterdam on PingER: a lightweight active end-to-end network monitoring tool/project .


Updated MAGGIE white paper with comments from Brian Tierney and Vern Paxson, and sent off to Thomas Ndousse.


Warren left SLAC to take up a post at GATech. Besides a farewell lunch, we also de-briefed him on how his projects etc. work, and handed most of the work to others.

Created October 2, 2003. Last Updated October 2, 2003.
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