Status Report for SLAC/DOE IEPM Project

For August 2003

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Work completed or in progress since the last report.

Work Related to Analysis and Development

Web/Grid Service

Paola continued to develop the tools to put monitoring data into the Oracle database.

OWAMP and Advisor

Warren worked with the Internet2 Backbone Measurement Infrastructure (BMI) group to serve the one-delay owamp data to the Advisor tool.


Warren and Paola worked on resurrecting the Analysis of IPv6 PingER

Warren worked on a taylor-like post installation tool for IPv6 machines called Tinker.

Digital Divide

Warren work on setting up a Pinger monitoring site at the University of Tehran.

Warren contacted the AAI about funding research on the Digital Divide in Africa.

Warren, Les and Ken (UTexas) wrote a pre-proposal and sent it to the Pew Trust.


Added site in Macedonia, Turkey, 2 in Serbia and Montenegro (.yu). Getting contacts in Cuba, Central Asia, Tunisia, Phiullippines.

TCP Testing

Les & Hadrien Bullot (a student intern from EPFL Lausanne) are working on evaluating advanced TCP stacks on production high speed networks. We contacted UMich, UFL, Caltech, CERN, DataTAG, & U Manchester to get 2 hosts (the second for cross-traffic) for making measurements with. We also contacted developers of HS-TCP, Scalable TCP, FAST TCP, TCP-LP, BI-TCP, H-TCP, DT-TCP and Westwood+ to get and install their stacks.


We have been working with Stanford, QWest, Level(3), CENIC and Cisco to try and get a 10GE connection from SLAC to SC03 (in Phoenix).

Work related to Publicity and Information

Internet2 Tech Meeting

Warren presented 2 talks at the Internet2 Tech meeting in Kansas. He presented an update at the pipefitters meeting and a overview of MAGGIE at the Measuremnet SIG.

Reviews, publications

Warren attended the National Collaboratory Middleware and Network Research Project Review and presented a review of the PingER project.

We helped SLAC submit an article on the Internet2 Land Speed Record and the Guiness Book of Records to the DoE Pulse magazine.

Les put together some slides on the Digital Divide for the ICFA meeting at FNAL.

Created August 25, 2003. Last Updated October 2, 2003.
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