Status Report for SLAC/DOE IEPM Project

For June 2003

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Work completed or in progress since the last report.

Work Related to Analysis and Development


Implementation of the NMWG profile document continued. Les presented some slides prepared by Warren and Les, at GGF8.

Warren installed the Network Weather Service (NWS) toolkit in order to incorporate predictions into the web service.

Web services are running at numerous sites but work needs to be done to make them OGSI compliant. Warren is reviewing Dan Gunters document NM-WG_Schemas_for_OGSI.

Warren is working with Yee-Ting Li of UCL to integrate the schemas.

Warren and Paola Grosso (SLAC) are putting measurement data into an oracle database to enable the web services to serve data with arbitary start and end times.

Warren is working with Booker Bense, Adil Hasan and Wilko Kroger (SLAC) and Paul Mealor (UCL) to bring up the Globus toolkit version 3.


Warren installed Monalisa at several IEPM-BW sites. The Monalisa developers are also storing IEPM-BW data for use with their tools.

Warren is working with Iosif to make the Monalisa web services interface OGSI compliant.

Several (7) new case studies were added to Network Problem Cases and the E2Epi TAG group was notified.

Warren worked with a new collaborator from KEK about using NIMI.


Some data collection problems this month. In particular the version of ping running at Transpac seems to cause problems with hung processes. Warren worked with the administator to install a patch to timeout PingER processess.

Les worked with contacts in Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Kazakhstan to restore monitoring of hosts in those countries.

At Les's suggestion, Maxim Grigoriev of FNAL added a new data download feature to the PingER graphs web page.

Warren worked with Ken Falmm and his team at the University of Texas to understand some interesting results from their analysis of PingER data.


Warren is working with Connie Logg to build traceping into IEPM-BW.


Warren is working with Paola Grosso (SLAC) to resurrect the Ipv6 monitoring. Paola will present some results at the Internet2 meeting in Kansas.


Warren worked with Telcordia to fix a glitch in the data taking of the IPEX box.

NetFlow Characterization

In response to requests from DoE/ESnet Connie worked with a group of other ESnet site people to define and put together analysis and reporting of border traffic in order to facilitate characterizing of traffic. The characterization includes daily and monthly reports on usage by protocol, major application groupsand by scientific program, as well as time series and reports by top domain usage and flow sizes. See example.


The machine Pharlap was decommissioned.

Talked to Tony Johnson about adapting PingWorld.

Hadrien Bullot of the Technical Hochshcule in Laussane joined us as an intern for 4 months. He will work on comparing various advanced TCP stacks on production networks.

Work related to Publicity and Information


Warren is preparing talks for the Internet2 meeting in Kansas and the DoE/MICS High-Performance Networking PI meeting at ANL.

Les put together and gave an invited talk to go with acceptance of the CENIC "Road to Ten Gigabit: Biggest, Fastest in the West" award in Santa Barbara.

Les worked with others from LBNL, CAIDA and NLANR to put together an invited presentation to the government inter-agency Large Scale Networks (LSN) group, on the State of Network Monitoring and Analysis in the US. Les travelled to Washington and gave the presentation, and afterwards discussed ideas with NSF people.

Prepared and presented a talk on Quantifying the Digital Divide to the ICFA/SCIC.


Les and Warren together with co-authors from ICTP finished and submitted paper on Monitoring the Digital Divide for publication.


We put together a 2 page document requested by DoE/MICS on Major Research accomplishments.

Put together and submitted a Half yearly report on IEPM activities for DoE/MICS.


Worked with Caltech to put together the UltraLight proposal to NSF for a national optical network testbed for testing high speed protocols. Also put together a 2nd NSF proposal together with the University of Buffalo.


Les is a co-Chair of the 2004 PFLDnet conference to be held at Argonne in February. Les is also on the program committee for the "Quantifying the Digital Divide" to be held in Trieste in October 2003.

Created July 7, 2003.
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