Status Report for SLAC/DOE IEPM Project

For May 2003

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Work completed or in progress since the last report.

Work Related to Analysis and Development


Les worked with Maxim Grigoriev of FNAL to add a feature to the FNAL plotting service to also provide a file suitable for importing to Excel. Warren worked with Steve Williams to arrange for Persis Drell to sign the MoU with eJDS/ICTP for work related to using PingER to. quantify the Digital Divide.

Warren and Les worked with Enrique Canessa to adapt his CHEP talk into a paper.


Following some security alerts raised about traceroute Les disabled the SLAC reverse traceroute server for about a week while we made some tests and re-validated the code. No changes were found to be necesary. Based on a request from Matt Mathis we looked at a new traceroute that will enable testing jumbo frames.


Warren installed Globus3. He is working with Booker Bense (SLAC unix admin) and Adil Hasan (SLAC Database Group) to understand the package and create OGSA Web Services using Apache Axis and Tomcat.

Les worked on the GGF Network Monitoring Working Group's Naming Hierarchy document and a paper for SC2003.


Warren worked on implementing the NMWG properties document. The progress is being documented.

Warren attended the Monitoring Infrastructure Workshop at UCL, London. He presented a talk on IEPM-BW.

Warren worked with Iosif Legrand, the prinicipal MonALISA developer. Iosif added the IEPM-BW measurements to the SLAC MonALISA site (web-start required). Warren is working with Iosif to extend the changes to the other IEPM-BW sites.

Warren obtained the Arena database. He will add a web service front end.


Warren worked with John Goebel, one of the SLAC unix administrators. He created an RPM of the Web100 patch.


Jiri and Les submitted 3 Network problem cases to do with loss of connectivity to BINP/Novosibirks, and anomalies in RTT to some sites, see Network Problem Cases.


Warren worked with unix admin to split the www-iepm website across 2 partitions.

Work related to Publicity and Information


Les appeared live on TechTV's Screen Saver show to talk about the Land Speed Record.

Les put together amade a presentation for the CENIC "Road to Gigabit Award" on CENIC Road to Ten Gigabit: Biggest, Fastest in the West Award speech.

Les worked with kc claffy and Ronn Ritke of CAIDA, Hans Werner-Braun of NLANR, Brian Tierney of LBNL and others to put together on the State of Network Monitoring and Aanalysis in the US for the Large Scale Networking interagency (NSF, DoE, NASA, DARPA, NSA, NIST ..) group.

Les prepared a talk on Achieving Record Speed Trans-Atlantic End-to-end TCP Throughput for the NANOG meeting in Salt Lake City.

Les prepared and gave a talk on Quantifying the Digital Divide at the ICFA-SCIC meeting .


Les worked with Caltech and others to put together SLAC's contribution to the UltraLight prposal. We also worked on an NSF proposal with Buffalo and SSRL.

DoE Paperwork

Les prepared and sent in to DoE a 2 page report on Significant Accomplishments in Network Research Program for FY2003 and the IEPM half yearly report.


Les and Paola worked with Tom Pavel of Network Physics to prepare to evaluate their latest product.

Created June 2, 2003.
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