Status Report for SLAC/DOE IEPM Project

For April 2003

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Work completed or in progress since the last report.

Work Related to Analysis and Development


Warren worked on setting up a script to upload the PingER data from Wisconsin to the archive site at FermiLab. Warren and Maxim resolved a problem ftp'ing to Fermi.

Warren worked with the helpdesk to create a mailing list for discussion of the PingER/eJDS monitoring.

Warren worked with JLAB security to open access to JLAB from Antonia in anticipation of the move of the PingER machine from Oceanus to Antonia.

The PingER monitoring node at the University of Maryland (UMD) suffered a glitch and data could not be collected for several days. KEK returned to service following a lengthy outage and upgrade.

Fabrizio worked on the first version of PingER++. The package is built using modules and includes support for killing hung processes. The next version will include ithreads.

With the eJDS/ICTP people we are putting together a publication on measuring the digital divide. We obtained contacts for and extended the monitoring to Kazakhstan & Vietnam.


Warren & Les attended the Network Monitoring Working Group (NMWG) conference call and a PIPES conference call discussing use of the NMWG properties document in publishing PIPES data.

Warren arranged to travel to the Monitoring Infrastructure workshop at UCL. Warren will present some slides about IEPM-BW and publishing data with web services.

Warren worked on implementing the NMWG properties document.

Warren worked on incorporating information from the Arena database.

We prepared and submitted an IEPM quarterly report for the PPDG.


Warren worked with Connie and Jiri to standardize the format of tools being developed within SLAC.

Warren and Les met with kc claffy and the CAIDA group to discuss visualization and problem identification algorithms.

Warren and Les met with Rich Carlson (ANL) and Shawn Mckee (UMich) to discuss proposals for funding and collaboration.

Warren and Les met with Iosif Legrand, the developer of the MonaLisa tool and installed the code at SLAC. Warren will work with Iosif to extend MonaLisa to incorporate the network monitoring at SLAC.


We are working with Caltech and others on an NSF/EIN proposal. As part of this we had meetings with Level(3), the National Light Rail leader, Riverstone and Force10.

Also working with SSRL and the University of Buffalo on another proposal.


Paola set up DNS and NTP on the Ipv6 nodes. Warren and Paola worked on installing the PingER monitoring. Warren and Paola are also working on a possible routing problem between SDSC and SLAC.


Warren and Les attended the web100 evaluators conference call.

Warren is working with someone from the SLAC unix-admin group to create RPM packages for the web100 patch and the userland tools.


We discussed evaluating the TCP-LP stack with Aleksander Kuzmanovic of Rice on his visit to SLAC. WE also had a joint meeting with the Rice students and the IEPM group to share presentations given at PAM 2003.

Work related to Publicity and Information


Warren and Les met with Tom Mead and Neil Calder to discuss publicity for the work on monitoring the digital divide. It was decided to submit articles for consideration for publication in the Economist and in Scientific American.

We also met with Enrique Canessa of eJDS/ICTP to put together a Digital Divide conference in Trieste in October 2003.

Internet2 Members Meeting

Warren presented two talks at the Internet2 Spring Members Meeting. Quantifying the Digital Divide at the Reaching Collaborators in Hard to Network Parts of the World Interest Group, and Measuring End-to-end Bandwidth with Iperf using Web100 at the joint PIPES/Web100 session.

Awards etc.

We successfully submitted an entry to the CENIC "2003 On the Road to a Gigabit Awards" in the "Biggest, Fastest in the West" category and won the award.

Les gave two presentations (one at Ricoh International Research, the other at Network Physics) on the Land Speed Records.


We reviewed four Early Investigator award proposals for the DoE.

Created April 23, 2003.
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