Status Report for SLAC/DOE IEPM Project

For January 2003

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Work completed or in progress since the last report.

Work Related to Analysis and Development


Warren worked with the local administrator at DESY to resolve a prolem with their table.

Warren worked with the local administrators to revive data taking at LANL, BNL, and WISC. There was an interruption in data taking at JLAB. The problem has been resolved. There is a new PingER site at the Pacific North West GigaPOP (PNG).


Warren worked on setting up the target sites monitoring from Georgia Tech. Warren worked with the administrators to set up targets at Florida State University (FSU), and University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB).

Warren worked with Jerrod to fix problems processing the data.\

Les evaluated an improved bwtests time series graph from FNAL.


Warren installed Jiri's 'Available Bandwidth Estimater (ABwE) at Georgia Tech and the target sites.


Warren worked with Eric Boyd to access the one-way latency measurements.

High Performance Measurements

Les worked on a problem with hung processes on testbed hosts at Sunnyvale. He is also working on logistics for the 10GE tests to be made from Sunnyvale, still awaiting the Cisco 10GE cards. LANL is ready to deliver the 10GE PC interfaces. He also set up monitoring from RAID file server host at SNV to Chicago and CERN and SNV.

Setting up to make measurements from Sunnyvale to NIKHEF. Got disk space and host at SURFnet POP at SARA (next door to NIKHEF). Ran into problems with routing. Working with StarLight to resolve.

At SC2002 the NIKHEF/SLAC/Caltech team broke the Internet 2 Land Speed Record (LSR). Les discussed with NIKHEF, Caltech and Internet 2 folks on our Internet 2 Land Speed Record submission from SC2002.

Made testbed measurements with jumbo frames, also measurements with iperf and file transfers using the FAST and standard TCP stacks (see


Fabrizio Coccetti brought back the NIMI monitoring host at SLAC.


Jerrod fixed a problem with installing web100 on SLAC AFS systems.


Warren and Les added more sites to the new ICTP/eJDS monitoring project. There are now 18 nodes in the ICTP group.

Warren made contact with the administrators in Iran and Nigeria to learn more about networking in those countries.


Warren brought up MDS with the EDG extensions, and added some PingER monitoring data.

Warren and Les attended a GLUE conference call about Network Elements

Warren worked with someone from KEK to run GridFTP tests.


Warren talked with Yee-Ting Li about communication between the PIPES measurement devices (PMP).


Warren talked with Yee Ting Li about running some Tsunami tests.


Warren arranged for Eric Boyd and Russ Hobby from the Internet2

Warren worked with Paul Mealor and Yee Ting Li to arrage for them to visit SLAC.


Warren worked with Fabrizio to show him how to install Linux at SLAC.

Work related to Publicity and Information

DoE Report

Les drafted the semi-annual report on IEPM for Thomas Ndousse.


Les wrote the PPDG/IEPM report for last quarter and submitted (see


Les provided assistance to Jim Leighton of ESnet who needed traffic flow patterns for a Lab for a report that DoE has requested.


Warren arranged to travel to the Internet2 e2e workshop.


Warren worked on a poster for CHEP.

Les submitted two papers to CHEP03. One on A High Performance Wide Area Network Testbed: Experiences and Results, and a second on Network Monitoring to help Bridge the Digital Divide.


As a member of the program committee, Les reviewed 12 submissions to the Passive and Active Monitoring (PAM03) workshop to be held in March in La Jolla.

SLAC had 3 papers accepted for PAM2003 including Jiri's ABwE paper, Ajay's Quick Iperf paper, and the INCITE pathchirp paper. Also the IEPM-BW infrastructure paper was accepted for PFDL.


Les updated his report from the ICFA/SCIC WG on Network Monitoring, see

NY Times

Les sent copy of NY times article (see to various interested folks including Thomas Ndousse.


Warren contacted Vern Paxson and Andy Adams about revamping the MAGGIE proposal.


Warren worked on Jiri's review.

Created February 3, 2003. Last updated February 24, 2003.
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