Status Report for SLAC/DOE IEPM Project

For December 2002

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Work completed or in progress since the last report.

Work Related to Analysis and Development


Warren continued to work on MDS and implementing the EDG WP7 network monitoring schema. Warren is also working with several groups to employ the network data served from MDS.


A new beacons list was issued and deployed to PingER sites.

Several anomilies arose in the script. Warren is working on fixing them.

A new Pinger site at the Pacific Northwest Gigapop (PNW) was setup. However, there is limited peering and some sites cannot reach it.

UMD replaced the former PingER machine and rejoined the monitoring.

A new group ICTP was added to the PingER lists to group members of the eJournal project.

Les sent email to several contacts to revive their reverse traceroute servers.


Les began a new project and kicked off the monitoring of the Electronic Distribution of Academic Services (eDAS) by sending email to possible collaboarators. There were 5 replies in a day from India, Guatemala, Mexico, Philippines among others. Started monitoring some hosts and worked with others to unblock or clarify things.

Les added more ICTP sites for Pinger, now have 6 in MD, IN(Hyderabad, Kerala), GT, ID and BR. Working with 6 other sites to resolve issues, mainly ping blocking.


Warren brought up an IEPM-BW monitoring site at Georgia Tech

Les worked with Connie to randomize the start times of the IEPM-BW tests.

Les Moved the IN2P3 node being monitored to a new host.

Les Worked with Fabrizio to start monitoring Padova.


Warren continued to work on collaboration between IEPM-BW and PIPES. Talked with Peter Clarke about UCL involvement with PIPES.


Les Worked with a user from group EK and people at the Naval Research Lab to pin-point and report a perfomanced problem between SLAC and NRL.

Work related to Publicity and Information


Les talked with Thomas Ndousse about a testbed proposal.


Warren and Les Submitted abstracts to the CHEP 2003 conference.


Les attended 8 hour video conference ICFA-SCIC meeting. Rough notes are available

Les gave ICFA SCIC Monitoring report and posted it.


Les worked with A. J. Tirumala and Tom Dunnigan of ORNL on a paper for the Passive and Active Monitoring workshop.

Les and Jiri put together a paper for PAM on Jiri's packet pair dispersion available bandwidth measurement tool, also for PAM.


Les is arranging a trip to Amsterdam for the TERENA 1st SCAMPI Workshop that will provide a general introduction to high-speed traffic monitoring and an overview of the SCAMPI project.


Les Finished preparing a paper for the PFDL workshop at CERN in Feb 2002.


Les worked on the final editing of the GGF NMWG paper for PAM on "Enabling Network Measurement Portability Through a Hierarchy of Characteristics".


Les had a phone interview with someone from the NY Times about our work with Stanford on audiablizing Internet performance.


Les helped to arrange visit by Rice person to SLAC.

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