Status Report for SLAC/DOE IEPM Project

For November 2002

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Work completed or in progress since the last report.

Work Related to Analysis and Development


Warren worked on bringing up MDS and implementing the EDG WP7 network monitoring schema. The EDG procedure for adding data is complicated so Warren is working on adding data directly via the grid-info-resource-ldif configuration file.


Les reported a bug in the PingER throughput table. It resulted in incorrect values for some sites for daily values. The problem was fixed.


Les and Connie started to analyze the diurnal variations in performance seen in the IEPM-BW measurements. See the results at

Warren installed and tested the Tsunami file transfer protocol. Connie worked on installing it into the IEPM-BW framework. Warren discussed collaboration with some Canadian sites.

Added new remote hosts at Padova and IN2P3. FNAL has got their IEPM-BW server working with a local client, and with one up at the Univ. of Toronto, see:

Warren worked on a web-based front end to the IEPM-BW aliases configuration file (visable to SLAC only). The code name is Rimbaldi, if you watch the tv show Alias you might understand.

Warren worked on an analysis to understand a performance drop between SLAC and NCSA

Warren worked on an alarm system and diagnostic tool, code name NetRat based on the diurnal changes calculated from the IEPM-BW results.


Warren installed the new userland binaries on the web100/net100 machines.

Warren upgraded net100 on Hercules


Arranged to be in the AMP IPv6 monitoring.


Problems involving LANL, BNL, and CERN. Mostly dealt with by Jerrod.

Work related to Publicity and Information

Demonstrations, Presentations & Papers

We submitted a paper to iGrid2002 on the "Bandwidth from the Low-lands" demonstration. We also sent in a description on what we Learnt from the iGrid2002 demonstration to the iGrid2002 organizers.

Submitted a paper top PDFL03 on Experiences and Results from a New High Internet End-to-end Performance Network and Application Monitoring Toolkit

Les worked with A. J. Tirumala and Tom Dunigan on a paper on Quick Iperf to be submitted to PAM2003. Jiri is working on a paper on packet pairs to be submitted to PAM2003.

We had a major demonstration of various Internet monitoring tools at the SLAC/FNAL SC2002 booth. We also teamed up with Caltech to come second in the SC2002 bandwidth callenge with a throughput of 12Gbits/s. This is described in SC2002 Bandwidth Challenge Proposal. As part of this we set up a 10Gbits/s testbed from Sunnyvale to StarLight with loans from Cisco and Level (3), and compute and disk servers at both ends.


Invite Eric Boyd and Russ Hobby of the Internet2 e2epi WG and PIPES project to visit SLAC to discuss using IEPM-BW.

With NIKHEF and Caltech we submitted an Internet 2 Land Speed Record based on the new testbed from Sunnyvale to Starlight.


Talk to Paul Mealor (EDG and UCL, UK) about visit to SLAC. We are also arranging visits by Fabrizio Coccetti of INFN, Ryan Christopher King from Rice, and Yee Ting Li from UCL.

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