Status Report for SLAC/DOE IEPM Project

For September 2002

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Work completed or in progress since the last report.

Work Related to Analysis and Development

Web Services

Warren continued to work on web services. He attended a PPDG conference call to discuss web services. Warren also continued to work on user authentication using X509 certificates.

Warren also discussed how to web services could be useful with the team working on setting up a resource broker.


There is a new PingER site at CAIA at Swinburne University in Australia.

Les is reviewing the beacon sites. He cleaned up some troublesome PingER beacon hosts (Waikato, Spain) and is trying to get ping access to a host in Bombay. He also discussed setting up monitoring at Stanford medical school.

Les looked at the transoceanic links used by PingER are like for Sally Floyd.


Warren discussed setting up IEPM-BW target sites with contacts at University of Utah and University of Michigan. Les and Jerrod worked with someone in the Czech Republic to set up an IEPM-BW remote site. Les is also working with UIUC to get an IEPM-BW remote host there.

Les talked to Richard Hughes-Jones in order to get web space for the monitoring at Manchester. Les is also looking into ssh problems at IN2P3, JLab and working with BNL to get a new host to monitor.

Les is conducting a survey from I2 E2E folks on the iepm-bw toolkit/installation at their site.

Les worked with Connie and Paola to get a real time display of throughput from the IEPM-BW bandwidth tests. Les worked with Connie to get the bandwidth tests to work in flood mode, i.e. run all tetsts simultaneously.

Les is working with Sylvain Ravot of Caltech (stationed at CERN) to see how high throughput we can get from CERN to SLAC. Warren implemented some patches at SLAC.

Les worked with Rice and LANL put together an INCITE poster submission for the DoE SciDAC booth at SC2002.

Les exchanged emails with Rob Thomas concerning his DNS monitoring page.

Les worked on the networking panel for SC2002.


Les worked with Paola, Jiri, Jerrod and Anthony from NIKHEF to get demos ready for iGrid2002 and to get access to the iepm-bw remote hosts from iGrid2002.


Les is evaluating the new Beluga ping/traceroute monitoring tool from CAIDA.


Warren reinstalled Antonia and the modified web100-enabled kernel following tips from the web100 discussion list to attempt to make Antonia more stable.


Warren repaired a problem with the AMP machine by replacing the hard drive sent from SDSC. Warren upgrade the IPEX machine by replacing the hard drive sent from Telcordia.

Warren installed and configured two machines (Hebe and Iphicles) ready for SC2002.

Plus the usual troubleshooting and maintenance headaches.

Work related to Publicity and Information


Les attended the iGrid2002 conference and presented a demo.

Sectretary of Commerce

Les, Warren and Connie worked on some demos for the US Sectretary of Commerce visit to Stanford. Put together a web page on the demo, see


Arranged and attended meeting at LBL with their network measurement folks. See rough notes at Prepared talk on Quick Iperf for meeting, see

Other Meetings

Les attended the DoE HPN meeting in Washington, and a SC2002 meeting at FNAL. He also attended the ICFA/SCIC meeting at CERN and traveled to Padova and Trieste for meeting on Digital Publishing for Developing Nations. Attended I2 E2Epi Technical Advisory Group meeting by phone.

Les agreed to serve on the tetchnical planning committee for the workshop on protocols for fast long-distance networks to be held on Feb 3-4, 2003 at CERN.


Les put together a publicity document on PingER for a DoE publicity CD.


Les worked with Ajay on a paper about Quick iperf.


Warren attended a seminar on 'Effective Technical Writing'.


Warren assisted a UK government site to install PingER. Les responded to request for help from someone in Scotland on loading and using part of the PingER toolkit.

New Hires

Les worked with Arla and personnel to get Fabrizio back this winter for 3 months.

Created September 24, 2002. Last Updated October 7,2002.
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