Status Report for SLAC/DOE IEPM Project

For August 2002

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Work completed or in progress since the last report.

Work Related to Analysis and Development

Web Services

We continued to develop our web services. Yolande constructed the back-end code and Warren worked with Yee-Ting Li (visiting from UCL/European data Grid) to describe the service in the Web Services Description Language. For example, see guthrie.wsdl.

Warren is looking at creating a web service front end to the database at SDSC for PIPES data, and how to interoperate with Microsoft's .NET. Warren is also planning to authenticate users using X509 certificates.

Warren has been evaluating Sun's web service toolkit and will also evaluate IBM's web service toolkit.


Les & Jerrod resolved some problems with the measurement sites at Manchester, Internet2, UMichigan, and APAN. We also fixed monitoring to Rice, Milan, IN2P3 and JLab remote hosts. Heng put together web pages on Correlation of Web100, Active and passive throughput Calculations. We set up net monitoring hosts at UCL and Czeck Replublic. We are also discussing monitoring with the Stanford medical networkers.

Ajay and Les worked on the new IPERF-QUICK mode and drafted a paper on the work.


Warren has been working on securing web pages using x509 certificates for the SLAC www-iepm server (using DoE certificates) and the XIWT/Telcordia IPEX project (using Geotrust/Equifax certificates).


Access to the IEPM-BW target machine at FNAL has become more reliable. A ticket is manually created and is renewable for 1 week.


Warren and Les talked with Thomas Ndousse about the MAGGIE proposal. It should be submitted soon.


Les updated to work with Linux 2.4. Also made a fix to the traceroute server to accomodate class C nets. Les worked with Tony Johnson to get PingWorld workingon Linux and Solaris. This was in response to a request from kc at CAIDA.


Lots of problems and troubleshooting this month. We had trouble with both front-line test machine (Hercules and Antonia). There was trouble with the AMP monitor, we found security had blocked ssh to that subnet. There was trouble with the IPEX probe Tiresias.

Work related to Publicity and Information


Our paper for 'Computer Communications on Network Support for GRID Computing' has not been accepted. Some of the reviewers comments are worth noting.

GGF and Internet2

Warren attended the GGF and Internet2 workshops.


Warren, Connie, Jerrod and Les prepared a demonstration at Stanford, including many things from IEPM-BW, for the Honorable Donald Evans, U.S. Secretary of Commerce.

For SC2002 and iGrid2002, Les, Connie & Paola developed realtime Java servlets to display IEPM-BW throughputs together with RTT, window size/streams/OS etc. Ported the same to NIKHEF. Les worked on the monitoring panel for SC2002 and attended a meeting at FNAL. Jerrod and Les worked on setting up the NIKHEF host with the toolkits needed for the iGrid2002 demo.

Les put together some publicity documents on PingER for a CD at the request of DoE for a CD.


Les provided information on International links to Sally Floyd, out of order packets to the Internet2 End-to-end performance initiative (E2Epi), and network performance to Rob Thomas of DNS fame.

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