Status Report for SLAC/DOE IEPM Project

For July 2002

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Work completed or in progress since the last report.

Work Related to Analysis and Development

Web Services

Warren and Yolande (a visiting summer student from the University of Arkansas) have been working on web services. A few services are already available including a throughput predictor and a data server. Further development is in progress. Correct use of web service related issues such as WSDL and UDDI is being studied. We met with Don Petravick of FNAL to look into how to provide web services to enable the FNAL ENSTORE system t optimize its web usage.


Warren continued to work on understanding and properly configuring the FermiLab Kerberos environment.

Warren also continued to work on plugging GridFTP and UDPMON into the IEPM-BW framework.

Les & Jerrod now have the IEPM-BW monitor node toolkit running and providing results at SLAC, FNAL, NIKHEF, APAN-JP, UMichigan and Internet 2. Go to IEPM-BW measurements page link to the other sites. In the process of porting many improvemnts have been made in the analysis (improved correlation statistics, prediction techniques), improving diagnostics and making the port easier. If all goes well it now takes about an hour to port the toolkit to a new monitoring host.


Thomas Ndousse has given us a break and now wants the proposal submitted around mid-August. This is good because we've had such a strong response from people in the field and the delay will give us time to connect the proposal with other work.


Ajay Tirumala is writing a new version of iperf that has a "quick" mode that uses Web100 to dramatically reduce the time needed to make a measurement of bandwidth.


Jiri is working on a lightweight bandwidth estimation technique which will be tied in with heavier weight techniques (such as iperf) using multivariate techniqes to normalize one set of measurements to the other and hence improve predictions. Jiri is also working with Yo on topology/tomography.


A node at the APAN site in Japan has been added to the GridFTP monitoring.

Work related to Publicity and Information

Travel, Talks, Papers, Meetings

Warren arranged his trip to Global Grid Forum (GGF). He will give a talk at the Network Monitoring Working Group (NMWG) meeting.

Warren will also attend the Internet2/Web100/ESCC meetings in Boulder on the way back from GGF.

Our proposal for a demonstration at iGrid2002 Bandwidth Challenge to the Low-lands was acceptted. iGrid2002 is in Amsterdam in September. We hope to get travel funding from NSF. Les put together a draft panel for SC2002. Presented ideas to SC2002 team. Also sent in a proposal for the SC2002 Bandwidth Challenge

Les finished and sent off the paper on "Experiences and Results from a New High Performance Internet Monitoring" Infrastructure to Infocomm.

Les put together a presentation, atttended and made the presentation to the International Committee for Future Accelerators (ICFA), Standing Committee on Regional connectivity (SCIC).

Les attended a couple of End-to-end performance initiative Technical Advisory Group meetings.

Les attended several GGF NMWG phone meeting, wrote a section and reviewed the rest of the paper "A Hierarchy of Network Measurements for Grid Applications and Services," for GGF5. Also submitted a PPDG quarterly report for the IEPM-BW activities.


Warren received email from an editor at Wiley regarding the possibility of writing a book about network measurement and monitoring.

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