Status Report for SLAC/DOE IEPM Project

For November 2001

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Work completed or in progress since the last report.

Work Related to Analysis and Development

Animated GIF

Warren worked on a new animated performance image for SuperComputing, see


The co-ordinators of the AMP project, which has a measurement box at SLAC, are developing the IP Measurement Protocol (IPMP). Warren worked to open the firewall to permit the new protocol and include SLAC in the development, this action is still pending.

Certificate Authentication

Warren has been working to understand user authentication using certificates. He obtained a certificate from the Globus certification authority and with Doug Engert of Globus/ANL succesfully converted it into a certificate understood by Netscape. Warren also worked with Bebo White and Adil Hasan of SLAC, and Mike Helm of ESnet to install the host certificate on a web server.

Missing Data

A few glitches this month. The ongoing problem with collecting data from Wisconsin University was finally resolved with an upgrade to the latest release of

The local administrator at BNL complained that PingER had been generating alarms at their firewall due to fragmented packets. This is not the expected behaviour and tcpdump did not reveal any unexpected behaviour. Warren discovered another node not connected with PingER was sending 10,000 byte packets and worked with contacts to have the other project stop causing alarms at BNL.

New Sites

A new site at Los Alamos National Lab (LANL) began gathering data and two sites in Italy came up. The new Italian site at CNAF replaces the site lost earlier this year, and a new site has been added in Milan as part of an effort to increase deployment of pinger in Italy.

Les sent out the new Beacon list to PingER admins. This had been in beta test for amonth.

Kerberos 5

Warren installed and configured Kerberos 5. With help from kerberos-users at FNAL he gained access to machines at FNAL.

PPDG/Griphyn Monitoring Group

Warren attended a conference call for the new PPDG/Griphyn Monitoring Group. In response to one of the action points, Warren created some network monitoring usage scenarios, see


Les and Warren met with Matt Zekauskas and Russ Hobby of Internet2. The future of the surveyor monitoring project, QoS tests at SLAC and new projects at Internet2 were discussed.

Bandwidth Measurements

We now have about 25 educational, research and commercial sites (28 hosts) in 6 countries collaborating in the high performance bandwidth measurement project. This was initially set up for SC2001, and the initial project proposal, led by Les, is described at SC2001 Bandwidth Challenge Proposal: Bandwidth to the World. The project succeeded in sending and measuring iperf bulk throuput from the SLAC/FNAL SC2001 booth to about 18 sites achieving about 1.6Gbps over a 2Gbps link for a 5 minute period. This was the third highest throughput achieved, only exceeded by LBNL and ANL who each had a 10Gbps link from their booths to the floor network. We were also able to successfully demonstrate QBSS/QoS working at beyond Gbits/s rates to provide scavenger service to some streams while other streams used best effort services.

Based on many discussions at SC2001 and elsewhere we have decided to continue the bandwidth measurement project under the provisional name IEPM-BW (other possible names considered were IperfER, PingER NG). Since SC2001 we have added Rice, NIKHEF, RIKEN and Milan. We will also go back and rewrite the code which was thrown together in a hurry for SC2001. The main goals of the rewrite are to provided improved maintainability, increased reliability, better testing of links, more extensive configuration customization capability, and added function (ping, traceroute recording, memory to memory file transfer, disk to disk transfers and pipechar).

Work related to Publicity, Outreach, Coordination, Information Disemmination


Warren met with Jessica Goldstein from Addison-Wesley to discuss network technology and efforts within the HENP community to utilize the latest advances.


Les met with Wu-chun Feng of LANL at SC2001. Notes from the meeting are available at: INCITE meeting at SC2001 between SLAC & LANL, 11/14/01

Passive & Active Measurements meeting

Les, as a conference reviewer, reviewed about 35 papers for the PAM conference to be held in Colorado next year.


Les attended SC2001 and we had a panel dedicated to Grid Measurements in the SLAC/FNAL booth which was well received, with lots of interest.


SLAC is hosting a student (Fanrizio Coccetti) from INFN/Trieste. Les is working with him to set up PingER in multiple Italian sites, to look at installing IEPM-BW at a few sites, and to port some tools to INFN sites.
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Created 28 October 2001.
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