Status Report for SLAC/DOE IEPM Project

For October 2001

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Work completed or in progress since the last report.

Work related to Analysis and Collaborations


Warren obtained the 'Chirp' code with the Matlab analysis routines, and discussed incorporating it into the monitoring effort with Jiri, a new hire who will start at SLAC in the new year.

Warren and Imran continue to work on the port of traceping. Imran added an option such so only the traceroute is performed and no pinging is done.

Warren worked on making a remote connection to the MySQL PingER archive at FNAL, and is investigating again putting SLAC data into Oracle.

Warren looked into using the Oracle OID LDAP Server.

Warren looked at using php and mod_perl at SLAC.

Warren looked at XML-RPC and XML over SSL as the command and configuration system for the GIMI platform. Warren obtained a Globus certificate for testing this system.

Robin Tasker and Yee-Ting Li updated and released a new version of ping_data_plot.

Warren worked with Robin Tasker and Rich Wolski to implement the network weather service (NWS) forecasting and some new long-range forecasting code.

New Archive Site Plots

Les and Warren worked with Maxim at FNAL to improve the new PingER plots and associated form.


Les made more measurements on the impact of QBSS etc. on RTT. Les worked with Paola to understand QoS settings on 6500s.

New Sites

Rice University was added as a new PingER monitoring site.

Work related to Publicity, Outreach and Information


Les and Warren attended the ESnet Co-ordinating committee (ESCC) meeting at ANL. Warren presented a review of Grid Monitoring. Les presented papers on throughput and QBSS.


After the ESCC meeting, Les and Warren visited collaborators at FNAL to discuss PingER work. The minutes are available online.

Internet2 HENP WG

Les attended the inaugral Internet2 HENP Networking WG meeting in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He prepared and presented a talk.


Les worked to get accounts at many sites ready for the SC2001 bandwidth challenge. Details of work for SC2001 and the SC2001 bandwidth challenge are online at


Warren and Les met with Matt Zekauskas from Internet2, to discuss monitoring projects and directions.


Les made the arrangments to meet with some of our collaborators from Rice University who will be visiting SLAC.


Les met with the CEO of Netpredict to get an update of progress.
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Created 4 October 2001.
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