Status Report for SLAC/DOE IEPM Project

For June 2001

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Work completed or in progress since the last report.

Work related to Analysis and Collaborations


SLAC will deploy a new machine to take part in a passive monitoring project. This project is co-ordinated by the XIWT and is primarily involved with understanding network performance between commercial sites connected to different commercial networks. SLAC's role will be to assist with analysis of the results.


The Active Monitoring Project (AMP) box at SLAC had some hardware problems. Currently it seems stable, but the project co-ordinators are tracking it in case it needs to be replaced.


Doug has continued to work on the web100 project and maintains a web page. documenting his discoveries.

Warren arranged for SLAC accounts for Tom Dunigan (ORNL) and Yee-Ting Li (UCLondon) in order for them to access the web100 enabled machine and conduct tests.

JPlot and JDBC

Imran made some changes to the Jplot and guthrie programs. Guthrie now implements java encyption to access the database. Warren also made some changes to the guthrie program to make it easier to search the database.


Imran looked at the ns2 network simulation program and the nam network animation tool. A web site detailing the progress will be available soon.


Warren worked on some routing issues. NTON will soon go down for at least some time. No further work will be done until it returns to service.

Missing data

After a long absence the BNL monitoring site was restored. Data is once again being gathered. The Monitoring site at KAIST (APAN/Korea) isn't taking data. Waiting for a response from the local administrator as to a possible fix. A few other minor glitches, otherwise a good month.


SLAC and Darebury Lab in the UK have been working to set up a test bed to look at QoS. Recently the UK Network administrators enabled CAR on their New York Router and Transatlantic tests have begun.

Work is also underway to modify the BaBar file transfer program bbftp with the bits to mark the packets as Qbone Scavenger Service (QBSS) and prepare for testing the service across Abilene.


Warren spoke to a representative of the Bermuda Group in the UK, a consortium of Universities working on IPv6.

Work related to Publicity and Information


Warren attended by video.


Warren attended the ESnet Co-ordinating Committee (ESCC) meeting at Brookhaven National Lab (BNL). He presented a talk about SLAC projects titled Advanced Network Collaborations at SLAC.

IP Perf

Warren submitted an abstract for the IP Perf conference to be held in November.

ACM Sigcom Performance Workshop

Warren worked with Giuseppe Paleologo, a statistician formerly at Stanford now with IBM, to write and extended abstract on comparing the data from the Surveyor and RIPE-TT network performance monitoring projects. The Abstract is online in ps and pdf format. The workshop will be held in November.


Warren is preparing a talk about network monitoring for the Performance WG meeting at the Global Grid Forum conference.


The abstracts submitted for the Computing in High Energy Physics (CHEP) conference have been accepted. Warren will work on the paper titled 'IPv6 in ESNet' with Bob Fink (ESnet), Susan Hicks (ORNL) and Vyto Grigaliunas (FNAL). Warren and Les will work on the paper 'Achieving High Data Throughput in Research Networks.'

Other Publicity

Warren spoke to a SLAC consultant about raising the profile of the IEPM work.
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