Status Report for SLAC/DOE IEPM Project

For April 2001

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Work completed or in progress since the last report.

Work related to Analysis and Collaborations


Warren added several new metrics to the analysis code. Inter-packet Delay Variability (IPDV), IQR Out-of-order-packets and duplicates. Warren also re-wrote much of the analysis code.


Warren has been studying BGP and trying to understand how to optimise SLAC's multiple connections. He worked with ESnet to route to UTK via ESnet, and worked with calren and campus to improve routing to CSU/Fullerton


Doug installed the latest version of web100 and continues to assess and analyse the features. Warren and Doug continued to work with the web100 support team and the web100 group at LBL.


Warren is working with a statistician from Stanford to understand the statistical procedure for a formal analysis to compare the network performance measured by the ripe and surveyor project boxes at SLAC.


Warren conducted tests with NASA and Caltech to measure the throughput achievable with the NTON link. Warren looked into what needed to be done to route production monte carlo data across NTON from Caltech. Warren also investigated the requirements for using jumbo frames.


Les worked on the proposed IHEP China link. See Comparison of with

Missing data

The Surveyor project appears to be largerly down. Warren attempted to analyse last months data but found there was virtually none. It has been reported but there has been no reply to the reasons for so little data.

PingER data was lost from APAN/Korea but the site has been recovered. BNL is down and the new contact is attempting to reinstall the pinger code.


Our colleagues in the UK report they have made progress with configuring the New York Router with QoS parameters.


Les worked with a VoIP specialist from AT&T to understand bursty packet loss and the impact on speech.

Work related to Publicity and Information


Les presented a talk on Monitoring high performance networks at the Passive and Active Monitoring Conference in Amsterdam.


Les presented a talk on QoS on Best Effort Networks at the International Telecommunications Union meeting on IP Networking and Mediacom 2004


Warren and Les gave a talk at SLAC reviewing the critical connections used by the BaBar collaboration and the techniques for achieving high performance throughput.
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Revised 30 April, 2001.
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