Status Report for SLAC/DOE IEPM Project

For February & March 2001

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Work completed or in progress since the last report.

Work related to Analysis and Collaborations


Warren installed pinger to monitor performance across the NTON link. Nasa/Ames will install iperf servers for tests.


Warren contributed to the Internet2 VoIP Working Group survey of hardware and activity.

Tuning & Trouble Shooting


Warren worked with Jim Gary at UTDallas to make measurements of throughput when varying TCP parameters in Solaris. Analysis is underway.


Les provided assistance to Joe Izen of UTDallas to ensure the problems of last month are now fixed (see Network connectivity between SLAC and UTDallas December 2000 & February 2001).

IHEP, Beijing

Les assisted IHEP folks with understanding the impact of disconnecting their direct connect to KEK, see Comparing SLAC performance with IHEP and CAS, Beijing March 2000



Doug continued to work on understanding and testing the web100 software at SLAC. He has created a web page describing his efforts.


Imran has continued development of Jplot.

Warren implemented Inter-packet-delay-variation (ipdv) and Inter-Quartile range (iqr) in the PingER reports.


Les wrote an alternative WNT ping to provide information of loss gaps and success runs. This turns out to be valuable for detecting "long" outages such as might be obtained by a DSL loss of "sync" lock or a LAN bridge spanning tree reconfiguration.

Traceroute server

Les modified the server code to now provide the AS information.


This month there were major outages with data collection at CMU and APAN/Korea. At CMU the scripts were removed because it was thought they were no longer used. Warren worked with the local administrators to restore activity.

Work Related to Publicity, Funding and Information


Warren and Les worked on a number of proposals in response to the DoE SciDac call. SLAC is lead on Optimizing Performance of Throughput by Simulation (OPTS) and Active Internet Monitoring for ESnet (AIME), see and Les discussed proposal on setting up a network collaboration for end to end measurements with Nagi Rao of ORNL and assisted ORNL in submitting 2 proposals with SLAC as a sub. Les also worked with Rice University to submit a proposal with Rice and LANL. Working with SLAC budget office to put in IEPM DoE FTPA for FY 2003. We received our IEPM funding for FY2002.


Warren attended the 50th IETF in Minneapolis. In particular the IP Performance Metric Working Group, Transport Area Working Group, Traffic Engineering Working Group, and several IPv6 related meetings.

PAM 2001

Warren and Les prepared a paper for the Passive and Active Monitoring Work Shop. Les will present the paper next month in Amsterdam. Les started preparing transparencies for the meeting.


Les started preparing transparencies for the talk on Quality of Service on Best-effort Internets, to be given at the International Telecommunications Union in Geneva next month.



Warren is preparing a talk on SLAC Wide-Area Networking and the activities related to the End-to-end Performance Monitoring.


Les has agreed to be a referee for CHEP01 papers on LAN & WAN networks.


Trying to get Olivier Martin registered in the SLAC binlist via SLUO so we can get him a guest account (like we have at CERN) to assist in developing Internet measurements and tools. Apparently the web forms do not work for him on either Netscape or MSIE.

Pakistan Summer School

Met with Olivier Martin of CERN to go over what to present at the Islamabad Summer School in June. Also discussed same issue with Harvey Newman.


Still coordinating between SLAC technology transfer office and CNRI to formalize the terms under which SLAC/IEPM is paid as a subcontractor to CNRI for a DARPA grant.


By invitation, Les visited the SF Museum of Modern Art for the opening night of the Art in Technological Times Exhibition to see the Ping 2001 exhibit that we worked with Stanford and the SFMOMA people to come up with. For more see: SFMOMA Ping (2001) Exhibit, March 2001. Les met with Stanford Computer Music folks and Tony Johnson to demo the pingplot music package.

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