Status Report for SLAC/DOE IEPM Project

For January & February 2001

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Work completed or in progress since the last report.

Work related to Analysis and Collaborations


Warren worked with collaborators at LLNL, Nasa/Ames and Caltech to co-ordinate testing of the OC48 (2.4Gbps) connection to the National Transparent Optical Network (NTON).


Warren worked on a proposal to be funded for continuing research into the uses and benefits of IPv6 to the Energy Sciences community. However, the proposal was rejected. Some best effort will continue.

TCP Performance

Warren is working with Jim Gary of the University of Texas at Dallas to test TCP tuning techniques.


Warren installed the new version of pchar (1.3), and worked with Connie Logg to evaluate netflow analysis tools.


Doug continued to work on understanding web100 and creating some test programs. Doug sent email to the authors to find out how to get relevant statistics and to improve throughput. and

Les worked with Robin Tasker of Daresbury to modify and extend (see and The code is now available at: and


Warren uploaded the Caltech data to HEPNRC archive. This month there were some lost data from the ESnet and CMU monitoring sites.

Work Related to Publicity and Information



Warren and Les submitted an abstract to present results from High Performance throughput tests. Warren, Les, Susan Hicks (ORNL), Bob Fink (ESnet) and Vyto Grigaliunas (FNAL) submitted an abstract to present a review of IPv6 activity in the Energy Sciences community.

HENP TransAtlantic Performance Committee

Les attended a one day committee meeting at SLAC on TransAtlantic Network needs.


In order to help prepare proposals to DoE/MICs we had many conversations with Vern Paxson (NIMI), ANL folks (multicast), Rice University (multi-fractal behavior), Rich Carlson (collaborating). the 2 SLAC led pre-proposals were received and encouraged to proceed. We are also involved with 2 other proposals from ORNL and Rice. Reviewed a proposal from SMU.


Warren worked on the paper for PAM2001


Still coordinating between SLAC technology transfer office and CNRI to formalize the terms under which SLAC/IEPM is paid as a subcontractor to CNRI for a DARPA grant.

Pakistan Summer School

Met with Olivier Martin of CERN to go over what to present at the Islamabad Summer School in June. Also discussed same issue with Harvey Newman.



Doug tested the latest NetPredict software at SLAC on a wireless LMDS service, and provided feedback to NetPredict. Now he is trying out Net Calibrator.

Platform Computing

We ran into pooor performance between SLAC and Platform Computing (providers of the LSF load balancing product), so we provoded assistance to pin point the problems, see: Network connectivity between SLAC and Platform Computing January 2001.


We worked with IN2P3 France to understand asymmetric performance between SLAC and IN2P3, see Network connectivity between SLAC and IN2P3, Lyon, France, Jan 2001.

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