Status Report for SLAC/DOE IEPM Project

For August & September 2000

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Work completed or in progress since the last report.

Work related to Analysis and Collaborations


Warren obtained a pre-release of forthcoming Cisco IOS which implements ACLs and installed it on the SLAC IPv6 router for testing.


Warren has been looking at the BGP configuration and analysing performance changes after SLAC began receiving announcements from the Internet2 Universities.

Impact of Loading

Les made measurements on loading vs RTT & window size between SLAC and some major BaBar sites. See Les also put made measurements and put together a page on Bulk Thruput (see

Assisted with trouble shooting performance issues between SLAC and Caltech, Colorado and IN2P3.

Packet reordering

Le read paper on packet reordering written by Craig Partidge and others. Made measurements on the frequency of packet re-ordering observed between SLAC and PingER remote sites. Put together a web page on methodology and findings, see

Missing data

The machine gathering data as part of the RIPE test traffic project went into an unresponsive state. Data was lost until the machine rebooted.

Problems this month with PingER data collection at DoE/MICS, University of Wisconsin, ITEP (Russia) and ILAN (Israel).

Work Related to Publicity and Information


Warren worked on the networking panel for the SLAC & FermiLab Supercomputing 2000 exhibit.


Warren is preparing a report on network performance to present at the BaBar collaboration meeting.


Les put together invited talk for ESSC at ORNL on High Speed File Rreplication, made travel arrangments, attended the ESSC meeting and presented the talk, see


Warren is preparing a talk on IPv6 performance and reliability to present at the IPv6-2000 conference.


Les attended XIWT/IPEX kickoff meeting at ATT Shannon Labs Morristown, NJ. See


Les responded to an invite to attend a DARPA Network Measurement Systems workshop at the end of September, and made travel arrangements.


Had voice meeting with people from FNAL concerning the future of PingER at FNAL when HEPNRC goes away. Arranged a follow up face to meeting at SLAC for October 12-13, 2000.

PAM 2001

Warren prepared an abstract to submit for the Passive and Active Monitoring (PAM) Conference.

New RA and New Part-time Student

Warren has been working with personnel to hire a new RA and a part-time student to assist with IEPM projects.

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