Status Report for SLAC/DOE IEPM Project

For October & November, 1999

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Work completed or in progress since the last report.

Work related to Analysis and Collaborations

PingER Develpoment

Faisal worked on Database connectivity with perl and java. However, there were access problems to the CNRI database. Warren worked with CNRI to understand the problems.

Warren fixed some bugs in

Comparisons with other projects

Rajiv is comparing results from the AMP project with PingER.

JAS (Java Analysis Studio)

Kaushik has written a java servlet to run on SLAC's new Apache server, and has installed and compiled some extra programs that are required to allow it to run. If you are inside the SLAC fireall you can see a demo.


Network monitoring for 6REN became a new project. Warren (backed by Bob Fink of ESnet/LBNL) made an appeal for remote sites to mailing lists, and received a good response. We are now monitoring 37 IPv6 nodes around the world.

There were some teething problems and Warren worked with contacts at the remote sites and ESnet to resolve the issues.

Charles Granieri upgraded the SLAC DNS server, Warren will work with systems to put IPv6 addresses into the production DNS.

Warren is working on IPv6 Router ACLs and integrating IPv6 nodes into the SLAC network.

Warren worked with Teresa to create a new SLAC mailing list for ipv6 news, ipv6-l

IPv6 Perl Module

Warren submitted his perl module to the perl module list, and it was accepted.

Smart Bit Box

Rajiv worked on configuring the Smart Bit Box, but still without success. Warren has been working with ESnet to find how they set their box up.


Kishan worked on loading the line and analysing the ping jitter. He looked at using tcptrace and xplot.

Warren used TCPDUMP and Sniffit to record a VoIP Call. With help from Les and Connie we decoded the data.

Rate Limiting

Mit looked at data from slac and nbi to detect QoS from an expected effect of "Compounded debt". The higher icmp_seq are expected to be dropped more. Mit identified a candidate site. Les has found contacts at this site and has sent email to them requesting further information.

Les contacted the NorduNet folks and got agreement for SLAC for Mit to run Kishan's SYN/ACK code against a NorduNet site to compare with ping RTT & loss. We believe that there is rate limiting in New York between SLAC and NordUnet.


Warren installed Tiresias, an OC3MON.

New sites

Warren worked with Manuel Valdes from to set up the PingER software and trouble shoot ping_data_plot.

Warren worked with Alex Gorod to port to his monitoring software format.

Les added several several countries to the countries monitored including Iceland, Pakistan, Mexico, Venezuela, South Africa, and Egypt. The choice of sites for most of these came from the Particle Data Group (PDG) booklet. We are now monitoring sites in about 64 countries. This includes all but 3 of the countries in the PDG booklet (ID, PE, VE) Les is working with a contact in S. America to find appropriate sites to monitor in Chile, Peru, and Venezuela. Followinga request from the ICFA/SCIC Les contacted people in Israel and they are now running a monitoring site. Les is also working with someone in New Zealand to see if they will run a PingER monitoring site.

Missing Data

There were a few problems this month. Data from CMU, ANSP and KEK was lost. Warren worked with the maintainers to minimise the losses. There are problems with graphs from HEPNRC, Shiqi He is looking into it. The BNL monitoring site changed it's IP address, the transition went very smoothly and no data was lost.

Les & Mit discovered a problem with fping on the stanford monitoring site. For a few sites the last ping was always dropped. To resolve the issue Warren amended the code to use regular ping.

After a security sweep, the Stanford monitoring site stopped working. For some reason the sweep broke perl. Warren re-built perl and worked with the maintainers to re-install it


Warren installed a qcheck endpoint on doris.


On the way back from Tbilisi, Georgia Les stopped in England and met with the author of traceping, John MacAllister. John reports he is ready to start beta testing of the Linux port and we set up an account at SLAC for John to test with.

Work Related to Publicity and Information


Warren presented a poster at Interlab99

Paper for PAM

Warren submitted an abstract for the Passive & Active Measurement Workshop.

Internet2 Techs Workshop

Warren has arranged to attend the Internet2 Techs Workshop


We have been invited to give a talk at the next IETF meeting on the studies of IPv6 network monitoring.


Les reviewed and made comments on the latest draft of the XIWT/IPERF paper on Internet performance measurement. SLAC has agreed to host the next XIWT/IPERF meeting on 2/24-25/2000.


Les prepared and gave a presentation on Quality of Service for National Research Networks to the International Committee on Future Accelerators (ICFA) / Standing Committee on Inter-regional Connectivity (SCIC) at CERN, Geneva. He also prepared notes on the meeting which had a lot of useful information on the European NRN situation.


Les attended the NATO ADvanced Networking workshop in Tbilisis, Georgia, and gave a talk on Quality of Service. The meeting was also extremely valuable for making contact with national research and education networkers in the former eastern block. A trip report is available.


On the way back from Tbilisi, Georgia, Les visited RAL, Daresbury (2 national labs in the UK), UKERNA (the team that runs the JANET NRN in the UK) and DANTE the management team for the European NRN interconnects. A trip report is available.

While at CERN for the ICFA/SCIC meeting Les talked to several people at CERN in particular Olivier Martin and Jiri Navratil for monitoring and WANs. A trip report is available.

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