Status Report for SLAC/DOE IEPM Project

For May & June 1999

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Work related to Collaborations


We have made contact with several of the major HENP collaborations (RHIC, CDF, D0) representatives to set up some web sites on PingER monitoring targeted at each collaboration. These can be viewed from the IEPM home page.

Warren worked with PNL to get them added as another PingER monitoring site.

Warren worked with Milt Mallory on the Stanford campus to set up a PingER site to evaluate the performance differences over ESnet compared to Internet2. See Ping Results for SLAC and Campus to BaBar-collaborating Internet2 Universities for some preliminary results.

To understand some of the results from UT Dallas Warren talked to the THEnet folks.


We received the NLANR-AMP machine (called Halimede). It is installed, configured and taking data. See NLANR RTT for reports.

Les attended the NLANR organized "Measurement and Collaborations Workshop" and the "Challeneges and opportunities for measurement in a high performance environment" workshop. Prepared and presented talks on Collaborative Measurement and Analysis Activities, ESnet and HENP viewpoint, and End-to-end Monitoring in ESnet/HENP and the relevance of ping.


Working with Matt Zerkauskas of the Surveyor project, Warren copied Surveyor data for November 1998 thru May 1999 for paths between SLAC, CMU, FNAL and CERN. Warren then reformatted the data into PingER format, so it can be viewed with pingER tools, see PingER Site-by-Month History Table for Surveyor data.

Les worked with Rebecca Moss (a new student) and Warren to analyze the correlation between PingER and Surveyor and Ping and Surveyor (see Comparison of Surveyor and Ping). Also looked at the sensitivity of the data to shifts in time stamps between Surveyor and PingER.


RIPE machine (aka Nemertes) was delayed by the US Customs. Eventually the SLAC people negotiated it's freedom. Dave Price and Ken Hooker are working on the GPS requirements.


Heard from Bjorn Frogner (CEO Netpredict) that they have been awarded the phase II SBIR that we assisted them on. Unfortunately, the student who we hired to work with Bjorn on this, has had to return to India to address an emergency. Starting to look for a new student.

Tools & Analysis

PingER and Ping Validation

Les gathered some high statistics ping data on the LAN between machines on the same segment, machines separated by a switch, machines separated by a router etc. to understand the impact of switches, routers, line speeds and hosts on the round trip time (RTT). See High Statistics ping results for more information.

Missing Data

Warren has been been busy doing the usual chasing up when data is missing. This month we've had black spots from DESY, DOE and RAL, with glitches from CMU, NBI and KEK. Currently the only outstanding issu is with RAL, and Warren is working with the contact to resolve it.


Worked with John MacAllister of Oxford to get traceping at SLAC to monitor all the beacon sites, ran into a problem with insufficient resources to run the program. Ordered more memory for the machine. Documented the Current Interest in Traceping. John MacAllister modified traceping to make it more economic to run.


Kishan has been doing some baselines, looking at performance without anything on the line. We worked with Becca Nitzan from ESnet to put load on network. However problems with the WFQ code have made progress difficult.


Warren upgraded our would-be IPv6 node (Pontus) to Red Hat 6.0, and he's working on tunneling IPv6 over IPv4 to ESnet.


Interviewed, hired and got Rebecca Moss started working on preparing an IEPM web site, see Internet End-to-end Performance Monitoring.

We interviewed and hired another student, Yvonne Gbalazeh, to write Java code to enquire to an Oracle database andcreate a GUI front end to it. For more on this project see Project Progress.

Work Related to Publicity and Information


Worked on paper for BaBar. Graphs etc.


Warren registered for INET99, where we intended to present our poster and HTML paper. Prepared HTML version for conference CD. However, due to a birth and wedding neither Les nor Warren could attend the INET99.


Les updated the Internet monitoring tutorial with a link to the comparison of Surveyor and PingER and also to rationalize why we measure 100 and 1000 byte pings (following a question from a user). Back to Top

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