Status Report for SLAC/DOE IEPM Project

For March & April 1999

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Les and Warren attended a XIWT/IPERF conference call meeting.

Les contacted Hans Werner Braun of NLANR about SLAC participation in the AMP project. Warren is working with the APM project co-ordinators and SLAC operations to get the machine installed and set up.

Les presented a talk to the Cisco peering Workshop on End-to-end Internet performance & peering, and to the Standing Committee on Internet Connectivity (SCIC) meeting at FNAL on Overview & Future directions of Internet Monitoring in HEP.

Warren presented a talk to the BaBar CCG regarding Internet Connectivity for the BaBar Collaboration and Les and Warren both presented talks at the ESCC meeting in San Diego.

Les briefed the ESSC university committee on the state of PingER and possible futures. In response to action items from meeting created a graph of Gbytes/hour (see ) technically possible between ESnet sites and other groups of sites that we monitor.

Les created a page containing information on PingER deployment (see, and wrote web page on the effects of routing on Internet end-to-end performance, see

Les Worked with Becca Nitzan of ESnet to help analyze her VoIP packet traces in terms of getting a jitter measurements, and to figure out what to present at the ESCC on VoIP monitoring.

Warren and Les worked to provide information and web page for BaBar Internet monitoring. Les Updated HENP & ESnet monitoring sites page at

Les worked on getting traceping installed at more PingER monitoring sites. Sent email to contacts with some survey questions to solicit interest, and also informed netmon as to what is going on. Also created a web page at to describe our interest in deploying traceping. Responded to concerns raised about network impact and posted a question to the IETF/IPPM news group.

Les updated to include information on self-pinging.

Les worked with publications to get paper given at Interface '98 made into a SLAC pub.

Discussed HEPNRC's PingER activities with Bill LIdinsky. He will look into the slow performance of serving up the graphs, is willing to run traceping, and is trying to hire somebody to take over some of Dave Martin's job.

Les sent email to Chris Witzig of RHIC to see if he is interested in a PingER RHIC monitoring page similar to the BaBar page mentioned above.

The XIWT/IPERF group have reviewed and approved the poster and brochure Warren will present at the INET 99 conference.

Les worked with administrators at Singapore university and at NIKHEF to set up reverse traceroute servers.

Les is working with the Brazillian SCIC rep to identify a suitable beacon site.


Les worked on self pinging, traffic shaping and collecting all 10 pings issues raised with the XIWT/IPERF.

Warren worked with the student hired to join the WAN-MON team. He is working on getting up to speed to work on installing and if neccessary developing the NIKHEF ping program with TOS as part of the VoIP tests.

Warren worked with Andrew Daviel from TRIUMF to trouble-shoot missing data.

Warren set up Nereus to ping a node on LBL's VoIP network. Warren is working with operations and systems to get the new Oceanus machine set up. This will take over much of the production PingER work currently running on the overloaded minos. Warren been working with Henk Uijterwaal of the RIPE-NCC to include SLAC in the test monitoring work that they are developing.

Warren has also ordered a new PC which will be called PONTUS. This will be an IPv6 node connected to 6REN.

Warren configured the MRTG tool to display the min and max ping times for selected links, see for example SLAC to CERN Back to Top

Revised 26 April 1999
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