Status Report for SLAC/DOE IEPM Project

For January 1999 & February 1999

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Les and Warren both presented talks to the XIWT Internet Performance Working Group. Les spoke about Internet telephony and Internet Performance issues, Warren spoke about results from analysing the monitoring data.

Warren spoke at the ESnet International meeting about International Performance and met with the U.K.s Particle Physics Networking folks and made a presentation regarding the U.K.s International Performance.

Warren made a pitch to the chair of the XIWT IPERF for money towards creating a brochure to review the Internet performance based on the XIWT data. We hope to hear from the XIWT board soon. Les Followed up with Jim Leighton on how to charge the costs for an IEPM brochure.


Les and Warren worked on ways to analyze the one way jitter from Surveyor measurements.

Les met with Bjorn Frogner of Netpredict and Charley to go over the SBIR II proposal plans and to move forward with the Technology Transfer proposal.

Warren and Les met with Jeremy Hylton from the CNRI to review the status of the PIngER project and future development required by the XIWT. Overall the needs of the HEP community are compatable with the commercial companies involved in the XIWT and Jeremy is happy to continue working with us to develop the software and there is no need to split development trees. Warren worked with Jeremy to move the XIWT data currently gathered and stored at SLAC to the Archive database aT CNRI.

Working with Olivier Martin to try and get a new beacon host at CERN since Denise says the current one is being phased out. Also working with RIKEN, JAERI and KSTAR to get Beacon sites for the ESSC International Working Group.

Les followed up with Dave on helping CERN set the precedence bits for ping testing, and with Charley on the built in capabilities of the VoIP gateway for monitoring.

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Revised 12 February 1999
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