Status Report for SLAC/DOE IEPM Project

For September & October 1998

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Finished up talks for ESCC meeting at FNAL. Les attended the ESCC meeting at FNAL and presented two talks on the IEPM project:


Warren & Les put together a presentation for the Surveyor group on PingER and comparing the PingER and Surveyor results. Prior to attending the ESCC meeting, Les attended the Surveyor Site Contacts meeting at the IBM Global Services Center at Schaumberg Chicago and presented the talk on PingER.

While at FNAL Les met with Bill Lidinsky, Eric He and Gary Roediger to go over future activities for PingER and to coordinate activities between SLAC and FNAL especially in light of Dave Martin leaving HEPNRC. Les wrote up rough notes of the meeting in order to get a common understanding and sent it to the attendees and Warren. Following a comment period, Les updated the notes to to incorporate new information and sent them out for comment. Les also talked Tony Johnson about some of the ideas.


We worked with the XIWT people to oragnize a presentation for the upcoming XIWT/IPERF meeting in Washington in November. reviewed XIWT SPSS proposal and made some suggestions. Unfortunately due to prior engagements neither Warren nor Les can attend the meeting so the presentation will be made by voice conference with Powerpoint transparencies transmitted in advance by email.

HEP Community

A paper has been written and submitted for the proceedings to CHEP98. The paper is based on the poster presented and a brief talk given at the conference. The paper, talk and poster are all posted on the chep98 site. The paper has also been released as a SLAC-PUB 7961.


Reviewed and commented on a long memo from NetPredict on how to predict the average performance for short time intervals given measurements over longer time intervals. Later met with Netpredict to go over results and provide detailed feedback.

Business Communications Review (BCR)

The BCR paper is now available online.


An abstract has been submitted for INET99, which will be held in San Jose. Abstract number 99026.

Les attended an Internet 2 meeting at Stanford at which (among other things) Guy Almes presented information on the I2 architecture and Surveyor monitoring.



Warren made some changes to the summary area on the pingtable page that displays the monitoring results. It now has the 25th, 75th, and 90th percentile values and the min/avg/max values. Retrieved Data and made Reports for May and June. Also several Bug Fixes. Added number of unique sites monitored.

Future of PingER

Warren has documented the projects and plans for the future of the WAN Monitoring work, at least as far as we see it.

Java Servlets

Warren is porting pingtable to a Java Servlet. Click if you're inside the SLAC firewall


Warren obtained some data from the Surveyor Monitoring effort, for the paths slac->cmu and cmu->slac for September. The probe sends a packet one-way approximately twice a second, so there is a huge amount (40MB/month/pair) of data. Warren converted it to our format and analysed it with our WAN-MON analysis code. Warren wrote a new program to graph the data along with the PingER data.

Added an affinity group for Surveyor to the the pingtable configuration.


Warren also obtained data from the XIWT Monitoring effort. They are using the SLAC code at eight Monitoring sites and archiving the data in a SAS database at NIST. Warren copied the SAS files from NIST to FERMILAB and dumped the SAS data to text.

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