Status Report for SLAC/DOE IEPM Project

For July & Aug 1998

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Warren prepared and presented a talk to the CCIRN group to update them on the present status of the Pinger tools.


We discussed helping the XIWT port the PingER code from SAS to SPSS. Unfortunately it does not look like a good match for our resources and skills.

HEP Community

Warren prepared a talk and a poster to present to the CHEP98 conference in Chicago at the end of August.

Coordination of IEPM Project

We had a very fruitful meeting at SLAC of Warren, Charley Granieri and Les with Dave Martin of HEPNRC to go over the current IEPM status, decide on how to parse the CHEP98 presentations, and what should be our next focii. Notes of the meeting are available.


We met with a group of people from NetPredict (a start up whom we assisted and recently was awarded an SBIR award).

Business Communications Review (BCR)

We exchanged a lot of Email with an editor of BCR who was looking for detailed information on how the Internet is performing. We provided her with many references, as well as charts of performance and explanations. She also kindly sent us a draft of her document to review. The article should be published next month.


Report Generator

Warren has done a lot of work remaking the report generator programs based on gathering the data daily and making daily reports with hourly ticks. The new programs also store the data in gzipped format, and the data is unzipped by the program when required. It has been suggested using (g)zcat instead of gzip, but we are concerned about memory issues. Also we will re-write the data gathering program to gather data from the archive site at HEPNRC instead of each monitoring site.


Surveyor is working well and taking data. Some of the surveyor nodes have been added to the nodes pinged from SLAC, so we can compare the performance reported by Surveyor to performance reported by Pinger.

Beacon Sites

We have made maps detailing the beacon sites in North America and Europe. These are useful for presentations, but we also hope they will be useful when the netmaps work develops.


We worked with Marek Karliner, Hank Nussbacher and others from Tel Aviv university to understand and improve the ping monitoring of their hosts. Previously they were blocking hosts that made ICMP requests requiring > 10kbps, which was causing problems for the 1000 byte pings. They put in a filter to allow PingER sites through.


We made several updates to the Tutorial on Internet Monitoring to add information on PingER pathologies, to show the impact of line upgrades and holidays on the performance of the RAL-SLAC link, to add information on one way pings, and to add information on the grouping. Back to Top

Revised 24 August 1998
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