Status Report for SLAC/DOE IEPM Project

For June & July 1998

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Warren presented a talk to the XIWT group to update them on the present status of the Pinger tools.


We were invited to make a presentation to the CCIRN meeting in Geneva (same week as the ISOC/INET 98). We coordinated with them, prepared a talk, and Warren travelled to Geneva and made the presentation in July.


We helped the ICFA-NTF chairman (David Williams of CERN) to prepare some charts on Internet performance for his presentation to the ICFA executive committee.

Interface '98

We submitted a paper for publication in the Interface '98 proceedings. As part of this worked with Val Fedorov of ORNL, Vern Paxson of LBL and others to get the paper reviewed.


Following a Links2Go (see  ) keyresource award for the Internet Monitoring page, we updated the page to improve the layout (see


Report Generator

Warren enhanced several of the beta-PingER programs (ie not the current release versions) to collect data daily. Since most of the monitoring sites have adopted the beacon sites, there is just too much data to gather. Also the reports are now produced from the daily stats with hourly and daily ticks, not just one number per link per month. Most of this is done by cron jobs, and tests do far indicate it's quite stable. Next we   must document things and release it all.  The new programs also store the data in gzipped format, and the data is unzipped by the program when required.


Warren made good progress with the netmaps. A tool called Otter from CAIDA was recommended but after review it was found to be insufficient to our needs.


The SLAC Surveyor Antenna and machine have been delivered and installed. The project co-ordinators have reported things are working well and we expect to get useful data from it soon.  We have been coordinating with the Surveyor folks and will also monitor their sites with PingER.


A new version of has been installed. A bug was soon found and the patch applied.


Several of the CGI programs broke after some local files were upgraded on the web server. Warren repaired them, but further investigation is warranted; they shouldn't have broke, could it happen again ?

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