Status Report for SLAC/DOE IEPM Project

For March & April 1998

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Warren presented two talks at the ESCC meeting. He spoke to the Network Working Group about the technical issues involved in the PingER programs, and also spoke to the main meeting and presented some results. The following discussion was quite lengthy and several people expressed interest in becoming involved. More importantly, several influential people remarked that they believed the work was important and funding should continue.

Les attended the ICFA-NTF meeting at CERN. He made presentations on Internet Monitoring, Future Plans, and the NIMI project. One of the recommendations to come out of the meeting was "The monitoring needs to continue, it provides much needed facts to understand the situation and set expectations, to argue our case, to keep our house in order,to identify problems and bottlenecks and indicate how to resolve, it provides a base for a medium (1-3 year) strategy, allows us to optimize existing networks and improve performance. The major labs, HEPNRC and the agencies should at least maintain the present level of resources."  Les also discussed deploying NIMI platforms at RAL in England and KEK in Japan with people from both Labs. Following the meeting there was a lot of email discussion to understand the connectivity between CERN & Caltech and W.  Europe and several U.S. universities.

Les & Warren had a meeting with the CEO and others from NetPredict who have an SBIR on Network Prediction, to share information and ideas on correlating measurements with predictions etc.

Les started work on trip plans for Interface'98 a statistics conference for which he has been invited to act as a "Discussant" for a session on Internet monitoring. Vern Paxson of LBNL and John Quarterman of MIDS will be making presentations at this session. One of the goals is to spread the word on the need for statistical analysis of network monitoring data to the statistics community.



TRIUMF has been added to the monitoring sites and the programs re-run to make the summary files . TRIUMF  been collecting data since January, but we had not been notified. This brings the total of monitoring sites to 15, although data from UMD is not available and it has not been possible to email the contact.


Big changes have been made to to and, much of it behind the scenes. There are several new options (site to tld, site to continent, world to vBNS, ESnet to vBNS etc.) and many more navigation links with a new sub routine to handle the sorting of groups. The libraries were amended to allow for several monitoring sites, the previous version was coded expecting to only deal with SLAC data. Help has also been provided.

NIMI and Surveyor

Warren has installed and configured SLAC's NIMI probe. We now have LBNL, PSC, FNAL/HEPNRC, CERN & SLAC with NIMI probes. Warren contacted the project co-ordinators and provided them with their password via PGP. They have been very active and we hope we will soon be included in their results.

Warren has  also been working with the IETF/IPPM folks on the Surveyor project. Warren has spoken to the project co-ordinators, and we are well on the road taking deliver of the GPS antenna and surveyor machine.


We've installed the latest alpha for Pathchar. We have also installed the latest NikHef traceroute which will enable us to provide traceroute server code to the community.

Warren created a web interface to allow authorized users to run pathchar and the results are emailed back to the user.

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Revised 22 April 1998
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